struggle8 11:38 07 Mar 2004

whats the difference between dvd+rw and dvd-rw ,I have played dvd`s that have been backed up onto dvd-r or dvd+r on my dvd player before but I have now tryed it myself on a DVD+RW and the player will not play the disc if I back it up on DVD-RW will it make any differance or will I have the use dvd-r or dvd+r as inm new to this can I have it in simple english please

  Rayuk 11:49 07 Mar 2004

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Its just a matter of using what is compatable with what you have.

  struggle8 11:53 07 Mar 2004

does that mean if player wont except DVD+RW then I will have to use DVD-RW or DVD-R which one are best

  thms 11:56 07 Mar 2004

You could also have a look here

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  Smiler 11:56 07 Mar 2004

read this click here

It could be that the new recordable media you have used is not compatable with your dvd player. Some players don't like cheap media.

  struggle8 13:13 08 Mar 2004

ok chaps thank you all found a graet little program called dvd shrink 3.1 now I can back up my collection to my hearts content on DVD-R it does the whole DVD not jest the movie brill

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