DVDRW Drive and drivers in Vista?

  MAJ 19:57 11 Dec 2008

To me it seems a little weird and I can't quite get my head around it. Here's what's happening.

The DVDRW drive will no longer play CDs or DVDs. The drive is detected in Device Manager, although it reports a fault (yellow exclamation mark) in that there are no drivers loaded for it, I have never needed to install drivers for a CD/DVD drive before. Thinking to myself that, seeing as it's a SATA drive, maybe it needs a driver(?), I had a search around for one on the web, I had no luck in finding one. So next plan was to install a [brand new]PATA drive, just to check things out, but the same problem arose, Device Manager reported no driver installed on the PATA drive either. Both drives will open and close, the green light on both drives will flash when the eject button is preessed, but still, no activity when a CD/DVD is inserted. Neither drive is reported/detected in "Computer", yet both are in Device Manager. Both the PATA and SATA controllers are enabled in the BIOS.

Has anyone any idea what's going on? Is this a Vista thing?

  Fingees 20:14 11 Dec 2008

Normally Vista will automatically install drivers.

I suggest you uninstall the dvd from the device manager, and then reboot to see if things change, as whilst it is shown in device manager with an exclamation mark, it won't work

  MAJ 20:19 11 Dec 2008

That was my first thought mate, it didn't work. I'm now about to try the old upper and lower filters solution to see if it works.

  MAJ 21:06 11 Dec 2008

I went to:


in regedit and deleted the LowerFilter and UpperFilter entries from the right-hand pane, rebooted and the drive returned to normal, detected in Computer and no faults in Device Manager. It now plays CDs and DVDs again.

In my case there was only a LowerFilter entry to delete, no UpperFilter entry was present.

  skidzy 22:16 11 Dec 2008

Hiya Maj

Made me giggle a wee bit (sorry) :-))

Thought you would have tried the upper and lower filters right away with the Doug Knox fix before trying regedit.

Glad your sorted ok :-))

  MAJ 00:38 12 Dec 2008

...... but in my defence, it's Vista (spit) you see, never used it and don't intend to, so the filter fix never entered my head as a solution to a report of no drivers loaded, it threw me off on a tangent. It was only when I put my prejudice of Vista aside and realised that the BIOS and Device Manager detected the drive but not Computer that the penny dropped. I also call the week long flu that I've had as a witness in my defence, lol. I'll get me coat. ;-)

  skidzy 14:08 12 Dec 2008

Ha ha....:-))

All the best MAJ

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