281apple 07:39 18 Apr 2007

I have an LG Recorder with an 80Go hard disk. I am able to record TV programs onto the hard disk and later copy them onto a DVD+RW and this worked without any problem for months. I think I then made a mistake (maybe). While on a weekend trip, we saw the DVD+RW film which I had recorded on my LG Recorder, on my laptop and then with NERO 6, I formatted the DVD+RW and now I can no longer record anything onto this DVD+RW from my LG Recorder’s hard disk. I keep getting the message to change the disk. I then put the very same DVD+RW in my desktop computer, formatted it with Nero 6, and I can record videos and everything else on it from my Computer hard disk. Can someone confirm that I should not have formatted with a computer a DVD+RW which had recorded a film from my LG Recorder? Is there any way of getting the DVD+RW’s back to normal so I can use them on my LG Recorder again?

  BRYNIT 09:12 18 Apr 2007

If you have formated the DVD+RW disk this could be the problem as your LG recorder may not be able to read the disk. I would suggest putting disk back into your computer using Nero and select erase disk, then try it in the LG player.

  eedcam 09:37 18 Apr 2007

If you have burned videos to it on your pc are you saying even those recordings wont play on your Recorder. but will on the pc ?.Also it is not coming up with the message this disc is not formatted correctly

  281apple 09:47 18 Apr 2007

I have erased (rapidly and also completely) the DVD with Nero 6 but to no avail. I have no problem burning videos from my pc onto the DVD+RW. I can even erase them and reinstall. I have no problem with the DVD+RW on my computer. The problem is that when I put a DVD which I erased on the computer into the LG Recorder, I get the message "CHANGE THE DISK"...and I click OK but nother happens. Normally when I put a DVD+/-/RW into the LG Recorder the first time, the Recorder FORMATS the Disk.
The problem is how to format a DVD which had recorded a TV film on the LG Recorder and which was later erased on a pc using Nero 6. Can anyone help.

  eedcam 17:56 18 Apr 2007

Ok so you say it will play on the recorder but your problem is putting an Erased disc in You need to record something to it on the pc. Say a tv show ads short as youcan to save time from another dvd once you have that you should be able to put that in the recorder and format
I seldom use Nero but have had slightly similar problems with its erasing. You could download a freebie Imgburn and just copy a disc to the offending one and offer it to the recorder if it plays youshould be able to format.

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