conrail 17:53 15 Jan 2006

running xp pro, a while back I was given a "Just Link DVD+ReWritable" drive, not a +/-, just + drive, I checked on this forum and was advised it would just burn DVD/CD+R/RW discs, my son, burning his college work and music was using CD-R discs and they work, just curious to know how this has worked, any suggestions as hes has purchased 100 CD-R discs and as they work I might as well use them, thanks

  Softstag 18:06 15 Jan 2006

DVDR drives will write to CDRs and CDRWs also.

  conrail 18:27 15 Jan 2006

Thanks Softstag but I understood that there was/were/are? 3 types of writable drive either DVD or CD, plus would only write to plus drives, minus to minus drives and +/- to both and as mine in only + then it should not write to – drives, sorry if I appear ignorant but I am curious as to why a + drive should write to - discs

  Softstag 18:29 15 Jan 2006

CDR or CD-R are the same thing. There is no + and - in CDRs. All DVD writer drives can write to writable CDs. The difficulty comes when writing to DVDs as there are 3 formats, DVD-R DVD+R and DVD RAM

  conrail 18:48 15 Jan 2006

much appreciated Softstag, that has cleared that up, so long as I purchase DVD+ discs I am ok

  Softstag 22:15 15 Jan 2006

Yes, and you can use CDR disk also (but not the same capacity as a DVD+R)

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