fenlander 19:20 24 May 2004

I have recently purchased a new P.C.

It has a DVD+/RW drive.
If I record home movies and then write them to disc, should it play in any DVD player or would it have to be a DVD+ player?

I bought the PC online and it was advertised as DVD/CDR-RW and I did not realise that it was DVD+ until I took delivery.

I suppose it would have been better if it had been advertised as DVD+/CDR-RW.But it's a good PC so I will keep it. I wonder how many other people have had the same experiencein this DVD minefield.

Is there anyone out there could perhaps point me in the direction of a web site that explains the pros and cons of - and +
Thanks----- Tony

  stalion 20:48 24 May 2004

try this click here

  rickf 21:33 24 May 2004

Your standalone DVD player needs to be able to play the +RW format. If the DVDRW can also write to -R format, that would be your best bet as it plays in most DVD Players.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 21:50 24 May 2004

Most newer players will play both -R and +R disks.
I would only use RW DVDs for your backing up of data as they may not work in some players and are more expensive than WORM discs.

  fenlander 02:57 25 May 2004

Thanks for your replies to my post.

  fenlander 03:00 25 May 2004

All I need to know on that link. Thanks.

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