DVD_ROM doesn't work since XP upgrade

  tfoxon 06:36 29 Jul 2004

Hi Guys,

I recently upgraded my PC to Windows XP Pro, since then I cannot get my DVD-ROM drive to work. When I put a DVD, or a CD and try get it to read it just asks me to insert a disc.

The DVD_ROM is listed in the Device Manager and I have done all removing and adding to the Device Manager. It is a Samsung SD-612S. I also have a CD-Rom drive and that works ok.Can anyone help?

  ventanas 08:32 29 Jul 2004

Same thing with happened with me, also a Samsung. I just replaced the drive with a dvd-rw for about £50. (you can pick up a rom for about £15). I don't know why they do this, but it was cheap enough to fix.

Have you tried a CD in the drive. if this works it could be down to the laser. Still got to replace the drive though.

  ventanas 08:33 29 Jul 2004

Sorry, you have tried a CD. Must read more carefully.

  ventanas 08:35 29 Jul 2004

Possible reasons for this happening were given in a helproom query in the mag some months ago. I no longer have it, but someone still may.

  Stuartli 08:45 29 Jul 2004

Have you checked the AutoPlay configuration. You may need to configure it to AutoPlay audio CDs or whatever?

This can also be done from Windows PowerToys, but best to use the normal procedure.

If this is OK and the leads are firmly connected, try Removing the drive in Device Manager, rebooting and allowing XP to reinstall (Install New Hardware) the drive and the basic Windows CDROM driver, which is all that is required (driver 5.1.2535.0).

  tfoxon 12:30 11 Nov 2004

I bought a new drive and that fixed the problem. Can software cause hardware to fail, I have of so many people upgrading to XP and then their hardware fails. Maybe it is just a coincidence.

  Stuartli 12:47 11 Nov 2004

Depending on how old the hardware is, XP often requires the installation of the very latest drivers.

However, in the case of a CD/DVD-ROM drive or rewriter only the basic Windows CDROM driver is required.

  tfoxon 12:52 11 Nov 2004

thanks for the info Stuartli.

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