dvdr/cdr not reading cd.but reading dvd

  hatchey 12:49 31 Dec 2003

my combo dvdr/cdr is reading dvd but wont read cd at all.

  PA28 12:51 31 Dec 2003

Will it read a CD that it has written? Or are we talking Audio CDs here (where there may be a protection issue)?

  hatchey 13:17 31 Dec 2003

no it wont read or write cds

  Worm of Doom 14:06 31 Dec 2003

As most DVD-R drives have two lasers to read/write CDs/DVDs, it may be that there is a problem with the CD laser, in which case you may need a replacement.

  hatchey 14:36 31 Dec 2003

its a new pc that has not had a lot of use

  hatchey 14:37 31 Dec 2003

how can i check if the laser is broke

  [email protected] E 14:42 31 Dec 2003

how new is new?

if its under waranty advise the company and they will test& confirm / replace as required. If you tamper with it you will void the waranty.

  hatchey 14:45 31 Dec 2003

its only 3 months old paid a lod of dosh for it .and its got a lot of problems.tv card wont work .dvd software wont work.

  BaronR 14:48 31 Dec 2003

Trust me, its broken.

  hatchey 16:32 31 Dec 2003

thanks every one got on to medion .they already new about the fault in dvd,going to replace it.

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