mikesman 14:12 22 Apr 2004

Wonder if anyone can help?

I am about to buy a Panasonic DVD-R Standalone Recorder. My question is this - If I record lets say the news onto a DVD-R disk from this machine and close the disk (I assume the recorder will have this facility), will the disk then be able to be played on my DVD+R Phillips drive in my PC?

  pj123 14:19 22 Apr 2004

As it stands now possibly not but I have just read in the May issue of PC Answers that, and I quote

"Philips backs DVD-RW. Having put its money firmly behind the DVD+RW market, Philips has had a change of heart. From now on its drives will now support both DVD+RW and DVD-RW. This won't just be with new drives either. Philips will release a firmware update for the DVDRW824K so that it supports DVD-RW as well." My be worth giving Philips a ring.

  SEASHANTY 16:00 22 Apr 2004

DVD-R and DVD+R are not interchangeable. Also DVD-R discs nweed to be finalised before they will play on
a domestic DVD player. Once you have finalised the disc - that's it. You have closed the disc for good.
DVD-R and DVD+R are "write once only discs". If you want to record the news on your Panasonic standalone
recorder then use a DVD-RAM disc - which you can record to over and over again. Up to 100,000 times.
These DVD-RAM discs are never finalised. You use them exactly as you would a VHS tape but on the Panasonic machines you can record to DVD-RAM and also have it playing back at the same time something you previously recorded. You should be able to use DVD-RAM discs in the PC DVD Multi-format recorders
such as the LG GSA4040B which takes both DVD-R and DVD+R and also DVD-RAM. Checkout the Panasonic recorders here click here
but do not purchase from them because they are cheaper at Techtronics, including modified Multi-region and free delivery by Omega Express. Click on the machine you are interested in for the
spec. click here

  SEASHANTY 16:22 22 Apr 2004

Some info on DVD Record formats on this USA website
click here
. There is also more info on DVD formats at DVDRHELP click here

  SEASHANTY 08:40 23 Apr 2004

Can you play ordinary commercial DVD films in your
Philips DVD+R writer?? If so then the Finalised DVD-R discs should also play in it because they will play in ordinary domestic DVD players. I haven't a DVD writer in this PC at the moment but the films I have recorded onto DVD-R on my Panasonic standalone
DMR-E60 DVD recorder, after being finalised, will play in any of my DVD players and also in the DVD-ROM drive I have fitted in the PC. You need a
software program to play them in the PC such as
Power DVD or Win DVD. Mine uses WIN DVD. I did not purchase this software - it came with the PC. Until
you FINALISE a DVD-R it will only play in the
Panasonic machine.

  mikesman 08:35 27 Apr 2004

Thanks guys!

I actually bought a Philips - Intersteing re the possibility of firmware to enable both DVD+ & DVD-R.
I have got the working of it now off pat and closed recordings will play on any machine.
Once again - thanks!

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