dvd..error no disk in drive

  trevpow 23:45 05 Apr 2003

i can not play dvd,s i get no disk in drive but i have one dvd that will play and i can play the special features disk on some dvd,s,i am using power dvd,any one got any idea,s?

  hugh-265156 00:14 06 Apr 2003

have you patched it click here

  trevpow 12:09 06 Apr 2003

i have loaded win xp patch and updated version ,but still the same error..no disk in drive,i have ver 3 of power dvd,can,t work out why it will play one dvd and not other,s.... any idea,s ???

  powerless 12:11 06 Apr 2003

Remove your DVD player from the Device manager. Windows will pick it up and it "should" work...

  trevpow 14:01 06 Apr 2003

will i have to install drivers if i remove from device manager ?

  A15 16:15 06 Apr 2003

The DVD drive itself will not require any extra drivers under XP. Once you have removed it from device manager, restart Windows & it will self detect the drive & re-install any necessary/missing files needed to run the drive.

  tony-240768 16:29 06 Apr 2003

Does the drive make any strange noises, how old is it and have you had problems where disks have played, but have taken longer to initialise than normal?. It may be at best a dirty lens on the laser, or at worst a faulty spindle motor or low emmision laser, the fact that it plays one disk tends to suggest it is not a driver or software issue. As an afterthought have you checked the region codes?.

  PA28 19:08 06 Apr 2003

I have had the same problems with a Creative 12x drive for about a year now. I checked the cables, connections, removed it through device manager and reinstalled it many times. I configured it as Master on IDE2, tried it as a slave, went back to Master. I used WinDVD, PCFriendly, and PowerDVD - sometimes it would work, other times it came back "Disk not in drive" or "Drive not ready". It was infuriating as there was no rhymme or reason - it would always run and load from CD-ROMs OK, but DVD were pot luck.

Today I replaced it with a cheap LG Unit. Loaded PowerDVD and put in a DVD movie - away it went at first attempt. Put in other disks to try to trip it up and it played every time. Why did I put up with a year of purgatory for the sake of thirty five quid??!!

  trevpow 07:38 19 Apr 2003

it was a duff dvd rom,got a new one and all,s well.....

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