Dvd/CDRW?DVDRW set up

  Newuser2110 12:44 08 Feb 2005

Hello all. Can someone confirm i am correct in what i am going to do? I have been given a dvd/rw and want to add this to my pc (Running win98). I intend to have the hard drive as master and CD/rw as slave on same connection. On the second cable i intend to have a dvd rom as master and dvd/rw as slave(I would like to keep the dvdrom so i can copy on the fly & keep my CD/RW because it is much faster than the DV/RW).Thanks for any advice.

  TomJerry 13:05 08 Feb 2005

personally, I would sell all three drivers and get a new and faster DVD writer to do everything

copy DVD on the fly, you will possibilly do it once every a few moons. Why (1) commericial DVD movies cannot be copied without the use of illegal software (2) even you get softwrae working, it still cannot copy becuase movie DVD hold 8.5Gb and your DVD writer may only write 4.7GB (3) even your DVD writer is dual-layer which can write 8.5Gb, the blanks cost over £4 each.

so one drive for everything, less noise, less heat and less enerygy

  ACOLYTE 13:08 08 Feb 2005

Only thing i would change would be the master/slave on the second IDE channel have dvd/rw as master and dvd rom as slave,but thats me.

  swapper 13:18 08 Feb 2005


  Newuser2110 14:10 08 Feb 2005

Thanks Acolyte. Does it matter which connector (1st or last on the lead) things are connected to or is it just important to ensure the jumpers are set correctly?

  FelixTCat 16:02 08 Feb 2005

It's not a good idea to slave a CD drive to a hard disk master. That IDE connection will run at the speed of the slower device, which will be the CD drive. Thus the hard disk will operate more slowly than it would otherwise do.

3 optical drives is a bit over the top. Decide which is more important - burning CDs a bit faster or direct copying from DVD to DVD-RW and use the 2 optical drives accordingly. My advice would be to dump the CD drive unless you burn more than 20 CDs a day.

  Newuser2110 16:25 08 Feb 2005

Thanks Felix: when i look up things on the web there does seem to be a variety of opinions and all so far seem to indicate there is no problem with adding either a cdr or dvd as a slave to the hard drive. One or two have indicated it may slow things down but only whilst booting up, then things should operate at their normal speed.
Your advice however is most appreaciated and i shall give some thought to your comments before i go any further.

  TomJerry 23:40 08 Feb 2005

will solve all your worry, it will provide two additional IDE channels

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