DVD/CDRW probs Argggggggghhhhh

  kane_2001 12:20 27 Jul 2003

I removed my cdrw drive last night to install my new dvd/cdrw drive, however when I put PC back together and installed all software and drivers etc. On "My computer" screen it only shows my A, C ( main ) and D drives. I appear to have lost my CDRom drive totally, the PC won`t recognise it. Have I put a cable back in wrong? I have a cable with P2 written on it left out at back and I must admit I haven`t been inside my PC before trying this

Please help. All notes gratefully received

  Smiler 12:33 27 Jul 2003

A cable??? how wide is it? what colour is it?

  kane_2001 12:36 27 Jul 2003

the cable is a red, yellow and black cable that fits in the back of the drives with 4 pins ( no idea what it`s called ) but they have p1. p2. p3, p4 written on them. Think I may have put one back in wrong place or mixed them up as PC won`t detect the drive

  SEASHANTY 13:42 27 Jul 2003

The cable you mention is a power cable and you normally have some of these as spare. There should be a similar one fitted to the drive you have installed. Make sure that you have not dislodged the IDE cable from the motherboard. Go to Googles website at GOOGLE.COM and enter into the search field CD-ROM DRIVE INSTALL and when the webpage comes up click on one of the HOW TO INSTALL links.

  scannerman 14:18 27 Jul 2003

You should be very careful when you push the IDEcable into the cd drive as the pins are very fragile,

It could be some pins were bent when you connected.

I would remove the drive and check.

  Smiler 16:56 27 Jul 2003

Another thread that's been ticked as resolved but how was it solved for the ske of others who may have a problem similar to this.

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