DVD/CDRW driver

  007al 00:27 06 Feb 2006

Im looking for a driver for Qsi DVD/CDRW.I ve had an email from a friend who says his driver is corrupt,so cant put his Windows xp disc in to repair the driver.Ive done a search on Microsoft,and not found the driver thats on the Windows XP disc.Hes on dial up,and taking him ages to find what he want,so im looking for a download i can email him

  Skyver 00:30 06 Feb 2006

Any specific model number?

  007al 00:35 06 Feb 2006

It shouldnt matter if i can get a generic one,like the one on th XP disk

  Skyver 00:39 06 Feb 2006

DVD.inf in Windows/Inf?
click here

  007al 00:43 06 Feb 2006

Thanks,i`ll send it and see

  007al 01:10 06 Feb 2006

Hes not answering yet.If can get that to work,then hopefully he can run the Windows disc to do a repair

  Stuartli 09:24 06 Feb 2006

The most likely cure would be to Disable the drive and then reboot.

Windows should then Find New Hardware and reinstall the basic CDROM driver, which is all that is required for optical drives.

A CDROM driver claimed to be corrupt would be no reason whatsoever for not being able to Repair Windows...:-)

  Stuartli 09:25 06 Feb 2006

Uninstall the drive, of course, rather than Disable, from Device Manager.

  007al 19:36 06 Feb 2006

I did that today,but it installed the same corrupt driver.In the end ,i done System Restore and copied the working driver and installed it to todays date.Works fine now.Dont know if it was because it was late last night,but i couldnt find a generic driver online,for the life of me!

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