DVD/CD Shortcut Icons not behaving

  Clivuus 21:59 14 Aug 2003

I am running XP Home and have created shortcuts to my DVD Rom and CD writer from the My Computer Icon onto my desktop, however after a couple of uses the icons refuse to change to the icon that is on the CD and when clicking them, windows gives the error message that it is searching for the Q:\ drive, or that the icons target has changed and would I like to delete it. If I delete it to the bin then open the bin, the icon is displaying the CDs icon picture! If I then restore it to my desktop the Icon reverts back to the normal CD icon but still won't connect to the CD. I can make a new Icon from My Computer, but then it all starts again after a couple of uses. I have checked for viruses and found none using Symantec antiVirus 2002. Please can anyone help sort out this annoying problem

  hugh-265156 01:59 15 Aug 2003

i found that after a fresh install of xp home my D:\ drive cdrom was labled as Q:\ for some reason also.

i would try renaming it.first,make a restore point then delete the shortcut to the drive.

change it back to D:\ again by clicking:

control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management

right click the drive and select change drive letter and paths,rename it back to D:\ again.

create a new shortcut.

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