DVD X Copy Xpress - Playback Problems (Again)

  Steve-234439 21:24 02 Nov 2003

Thanks for the replies so far.
This isn?t technically a pc problem. I am using DVD X Copy Xpress to back up my kids DVDs which are becoming scratched etc. The whole process works fine but it?s the playback on my Toshiba SD 220E Multi Region player thats the problem. When I try to view the backed up disk on my Toshiba DVD player it either freezes or turns itself off!! after the DVD Backup warning message and just before the movie starts. Viewing the Backed up movie on either my pc or my Goodmans portable dvd player is no problem it?s only on my main DVD player which has the problem. The Toshiba DVD player will play burnt DVD+R disks of home videos I have created using Sonic/Roxio.

I'm using DVD+R disks (Datawrite and Arita) both don't work.

Is there anything I can do to over come the problem????

  The Lights Are On 22:15 02 Nov 2003

DVD X Copy Xpress uses a form of compression to squeeze the data on the disk, perhaps your Toshiba dos not like that. Have you upgraded to the latest version from the web site. Also you could try the evaluation version of CloneDVD click here which may give different results on your Toshiba despite also using compression or Transcoding.

  Quiller. 22:35 02 Nov 2003

Not much of a help, but I am using the same software with dvd-r disks. The only problem I have encountered is swapping the image file from my "C" drive to a slave drive. This cured my problem of failing at 99% read.

The backup copies work fine in all our players, we also have a Goodmans portable dvd player for the car and they work fine.

It maybe that the Toshiba SD 220E Multi Region player is an awkward one. I do know of some philips machines that also hae the same probs.

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