DVD writing woes

  cider country bumpkin 11:08 21 May 2006

Hi All, my home built PC has functioned well for several years but a few months back any attempt to write a dvd resulted in a spoiled disc which wouldn't eject and a mouse pointer jumping erratically. Restart required. I junked the optical drives, fitted a Liteon SOHW-812S and a Sony DRU-810A and did a restore of XP Pro. All went well, dvd writing restored. Now I'm back to the original symptoms. C drive formatted, xp reinstalled and countless checks of settings, cables etc. Hair loss rapidly accelerating. System has Abit NF7(-S)v2.0, 1Gb Crucial PC3200 DDR SDRAM, XP Pro SP2, AMD 2400+, Raedon 9600 and two WD hard drives. ANY suggestions gratefully received! Regards, David.

  martjc 11:20 21 May 2006

...your disk writing software crashed. Was it a copy protect on the disk you were copying that caused this? A trashed disk is not the end of the world and shouldn't result in junking the optical drives. Look to your writing software - update it! Then try again.

Second thought - try AoA DVD copy. click here It may help.

  cider country bumpkin 11:33 21 May 2006

Sorry, should have said, various writing software has been tried, Nero, Sonic, and Pinnacle, each uninstalled before trying the next. Drivers also updated. Reckon it's an SCSI command problem but darned if I can sus it.

  john-232317 13:37 21 May 2006

Did you update Nero to the latest for your version ?

  martjc 16:24 21 May 2006

...these can manifest as different problems...
Think about it!

  cider country bumpkin 16:46 21 May 2006

Right. It's not a copy protect problem as the footage is off my camera, however things have changed. Just found that I can write to a dvd-rw then copy it to a dvd-r, but can't go straight to -r. Read about DMA settings but in device manager under IDE ATA/APTAI controllers I don't have a secondary IDE controller, only one listed is NVIDIA nForce IDE controller. ??

  martjc 11:00 22 May 2006

...find out the firmware your drive uses. [Watch the screen as it boots and press the BREAK key as the drive is identified] Note any numbers/letters next to the drive's name. This will be the firmware version. Then press any key to continue the boot.

Go to the makers' site and see if there is a more recent version. If so, this may cure your -r problem.

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