DVD Writer Recommendations

  fitshase 17:22 31 Aug 2003

I am looking into the world of DVD writers as I am now getting into some video editing and would like to burn my masterpieces (ha!) onto DVD (with menu's etc.).

I know that there are various formats and that each format has pros and cons. Also, lots of people have their own preferences.

I have been looking at the following machine (click here) as it does almost all of the DVD formats.

I don't want to be caught out when the powers that be evetually decide on a common format.

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations/comments on the chosen drive (or any other drive)?

The main use would be movies (to play on household DVD players) and a secondary use (using a re-writeable DVD) would be data backup.

Any help is most appreciated.



  fitshase 14:30 01 Sep 2003


  stlucia 14:33 01 Sep 2003

I use the Sony, for both movies and backups, and am well please with it. But there will probably be more up-to-date models, and models by other manufacturers, which would also be recommended by other forum users.

  BigMoFoT 16:51 01 Sep 2003

I also have a dual format Sony Drive and find it to be the dogs doo dahs - but stay away from datawrite blank DVD-R with this model, even with the latest firmware - it wont burn at high speed.

  JFT 17:09 01 Sep 2003

I recently bought a Freecom multiformat DVD writer from click here= and have had no problems so far.The only thing you should watch out for is cheap media, as it is false economy ,and you could end up burning coasters.
Another point worth watching out for is you will only get 4X with the correct speed rated media.

  S5W 19:14 01 Sep 2003

I've been using DVD RAM for the past 16 months.

FOR: robust, stable, simple to use; disks in their caddies are practically indestructable; two sided disks 9.4 GB(actually about 9.32GB); rewritable for ever, my original disk has been overwritten at least 150 times with never a glitch. I'm so chuffed with DVD RAM that I have given up tempramental CDs.

AGAINST: slow writing and rewriting, will not play on household DVD players, initial cost of disks is high. Just the job for back up though.


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