DVD writer or Graphics card?

  Noelg23 14:13 18 Oct 2004

Me and my missus are celebrating our 1yr anniversary next month...she has agreed to get me a new part for my PC...only problem is I dont know which one I really want...I have always cried out for a DVD writer especially now they are at 16x but at the same time I have Doom 3 but cant play it cos my graphics card is not upto spec (and I thought it was but its the OpenGL thats not upto spec)....so guys and gals help me decide which one I should ask my missus to get me. as I said a DVD writer would be ideal as I have a lot of movies I would like to put to a DVD disc and it would be ideal for back up as I am fast running out of space on my two HDD (one is 80GB and the other is 40GB) but graphics would be good as I am starting to play alot of games that require fast reliable graphics cards...thanks...

  JonnyTub 14:17 18 Oct 2004

Toss a coin Noel :-)

  Noelg23 14:24 18 Oct 2004

well I never thought about that...thanks JonnyTub :)

  JonnyTub 14:29 18 Oct 2004

Sorry mate, it's just you give such good arguements for both bits and should i be in your position coin tossing would be the ultimate decider for me :-)

  PA28 14:30 18 Oct 2004

As a veteran being married over 31 years there's no contest. A (half) decent graphics card wil set you back about £100-£150, whereas a DVD writer is about £55-£60. See what I mean?!!

  Noelg23 14:38 18 Oct 2004

yeah but PA28 I know where to get graphics cards for about £50 and they are as good as those that are priced 3 times more...and I know what you mean with DVD writers at £50-£60 so I am a little bit stuck as to which one to get...I am going more towards DVD writer but I love my games too....and JonnyTub I have gone for the coin tossing and so far DVD writer is winnng by 5-3 (going for best out of 51 at this rate lol)

  PA28 14:48 18 Oct 2004

Oh. But's let's face it - DVD writers are, when you get down to it, really b-o-r-i-n-g. But a shiney glitzey graphics card - wow, think what you COULD get for £150 if you can source a decent one for a third of the price. A £450 card for £150, now that sounds really tasty!

  Noelg23 14:56 18 Oct 2004

DVD writers are not boring...mate I copy CDs all the time and I am putting films onto my hard drive but I am fast running out of space so a DVD writer will come in very handy...I do a lot of downloads too...so again the DVd writer will help me save space on my PC....yes graphics cards is great and good for the games...as I said I think I can wait for the graphics card...right thats sorted then DVD writer it is...in time the graphics cards will drop in price...if you wany a decent 256MB graphics card for about £50-£60 check out click here

  selfbuild 19:57 18 Oct 2004

How about you buy one of them and the missus buys the other.... ???

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:19 18 Oct 2004

DVDs are going to be replaced by higher capacity disks before too long...

  PA28 20:29 18 Oct 2004

Let's be honest. DVD writers are useful, very useful, but they're still boring because apart from being useful they do very little. And they're falling in price fast too - I'm still a bit sick and paying well over £100 for my Pioneer 106 when if I'd have hung out I could now buy one with twice the spec for half the price. Maybe selfbuild has got the right idea - buy both, take an average of the prices and pay half each. That way you'll not have any regrets about what you didn't buy.

By the way - what sort of processor have you got that might just need upgrading......!

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