DVD Writer not working

  I-W 15:05 18 Aug 2004

I have a dell pc running windows xp home with nec dvd+rwnd-1100a installed. All the drivers are installed and up to date, and cant be rolled back. Now the problem is that when i try and view files on a CD-R or CD-RW it appears that the cd is blank even though there are files on it. When i go into properties is says the device is not ready, it has said this for months now. There are no files waiting to writen to the cd nor any other reason why it might not be ready. Can anyone please tell me what im missing? many thanks.

  Quiller. 15:51 18 Aug 2004

Has it ever worked. If it has not then tell Dell if it is still under waranty.

Setting up the drive from Dell. click here

Firmware upgrade click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 18 Aug 2004

Check device manager are thre any yellow /red 1 ? marks along side the drive?

If so unistall the drive and then re install.

  I-W 16:43 18 Aug 2004

The dvd drive has been working fine till about a month ago. Iv spent all this time trying to get it to work. All is well in the device manager.

  bretsky 16:55 18 Aug 2004

So what changes did you do a month ago, add new software/hardware perhaps?

Is it just CD+R/+RW you are having problems with, or can you play/record audio and DVDs etc etc and what software do you use with it?

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 16:58 18 Aug 2004

Sorry, that should be CD-R/RW!!

bretsky ;0)

  I-W 17:03 18 Aug 2004

Iv not made any changes in the last month. Now i can put files on a disk and the computer will read them but another wont read them and vice-a- verse-a.

  bretsky 17:20 18 Aug 2004

I assume you are using something like Roxio basic software which uses the udf file system and it could be the the udf reader is having problems reading your data due to a corrupted file system written on your disc.

To find out, go to your advanced eject settings in your software where more information will be available.

bretsky ;0)

  I-W 17:31 18 Aug 2004

I was using roxio, but now for files im right clicking and using the send to option

  Carafaraday 18:49 18 Aug 2004

Just a thought, but are you using a different kind of cd/dvd ie manufacturer? My new pc wouldn't cope with one brand, but works fine with another - I spent ages trying to find out what was wrong - manufacturere even suggested uninstalling xp and starting from scratch - sony and packard bell worked for me and imation didn't - no idea why.

  I-W 19:44 18 Aug 2004

Cheers ill look into that.

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