DVD Writer installation problems

  bill sykes 16:48 18 Nov 2006

Hi, I have bought (ebay) and installed a new NEC 4550A dvd rewriter and have yet to be able to successfully write to a dvd, using Nero 6 or ImgBurn. Even upgrading the firmware did not help. I have however managed to waste many dvds in the process. Instead of going into the many errors that I've had (because I'm now completely confused by all this), and before I consign it to the dustbin, can I please ask one question regarding dvd writer installation? Should I use an 80-way 40 pin connector instead of the standard 40-way? Might it make a difference? Thanks for any help you can give.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 18 Nov 2006

Should I use an 80-way 40 pin connector instead of the standard 40-way


Have as master on secondary IDE channel. Do not have as slave on same IDE chnnel as primary hard drive.

  xania 17:17 18 Nov 2006

No - the 40 pin is fine. However, you're not the first to have problems. You might find this tip helpful

click here.

  bill sykes 16:03 19 Nov 2006

Yes? No? Interesting! But seriously, thanks for taking the trouble to reply.
The thread you gave me I had seen before but I'd never reallly understood what they meant by 'replace the busmaster drivers by windows XP's native ones.' So I'll try a new 80-way cable and if that doesn't work then I'll put it down to bad luck on my part. Thanks again.

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