DVD Writer Installation

  [DELETED] 10:45 31 Dec 2003

I've bought a Plextor PX708A DVD Writer to install into my PC system. At the moment I have a CDRW and also a DVD drive installed into different bays. I have a spare 5.25" bay but only two eide channels on my motherboard. Do I have to remove one of my current drives, or can I just add the DVD Writer? Also, if one of the current drives has to be removed, do I delete the drivers of the one removed, or just install the new drive? Thanks in advance.

  [DELETED] 11:05 31 Dec 2003

I would keep the dvd drive and unconnect the cdrw. The dvd writer can write cds (although problably slower than the cdrw), and you will be able to read both cds and dvds on your dvd drive.
Also it is cheaper to replace a dvd drive than a cdrw if the laser conks out. If you need to write a lot of cds faster than the dvd writer can do, unplug the dvd drive and reconnect the cd writer.That is what i have done and it seems to work with no probs.

  [DELETED] 11:33 31 Dec 2003

You dont say how many harddrives you have connected, if you have got just one harddrive, one dvd and one cdrw then you should have one spare eide plug you can connect too. I would put your dvd writer on the same one as your harddrive and the other devices on the second

  [DELETED] 11:40 31 Dec 2003

Sorry,I have 2 hard drives.

  [DELETED] 11:59 31 Dec 2003

keep the 2 hard drives on the same channel (primary) and the DVD Writer as Master on the secondary channel, with the DVD Rom as slave on the secondary channel if you're planning on Backing up DVD's. If you mix DVD-ROM with Hard drive on same channel, Hard drive performance will suffer as DVD Rom is the slower device.

I would keep the existing DVD-ROM as DVD ripping on a regular basis is extremely heavy on the drive. Keep the DVD Writer for burning to prolong drive life

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