DVD Writer installation

  [DELETED] 22:28 18 Nov 2003

help Guys!

I have a DVD Rom drive & a CD rewriter on my computer.
In my infinite wisdom I have decide I will order a DVD burner which is now winging its way to me.

what is the best way to install this. Remove one of the existing drives & install the the new unit in its place. Or fit it in a spare bay & connect it up somehow if there are no potential conflicts. PS its a LG 4040b unit if anyone could give any info on the unit, it would be appreciated.



  [DELETED] 22:32 18 Nov 2003

theres no point in having 3 drives so i say remove one is the best idea. and i'dremove the dvd rom as it doesnt do much, and you can watch dvd with the other 2. if that is master or slave on secondary ide channel then set as appropriate.

  [DELETED] 22:33 18 Nov 2003

an alternate would be to have three drives where then you connect as slave on the primary ide channel along with your harddrive, that is if you dont have 2 harddrives.

  [DELETED] 22:34 18 Nov 2003

oo btw by putting the writer on slave on primary with your harddrives ribbon, it will be slower for the drive and hdd so i dont recommend this as much as my first idea.

  [DELETED] 05:14 19 Nov 2003

I had the same dilemma when my DVD arrived.

I decided to keep the CD writer (slave) and DVD writer (Master) but had all sorts of problems.

Now I use just the DVD writer (which reads CD's & DVD's, writes CD's & DVD's, plays VCD's, SVCD's & DVD's) have no conflicts (which didn't show up in Device Manager) and a lot less wiring in an overcrowded tower!

  [DELETED] 05:54 19 Nov 2003

I have no problems running my DVD writer as master & a Cd writer as slave along with two hard drives on the other channel. I find the DVD writer I have is rather slow at burning Cd's so I kept the Cd burner.

  Stuartli 08:05 19 Nov 2003

As rewriters are far less robust than CD/DVD-ROM drives, it's best to keep the CD/DVD-ROM drive exclusively for audio and DVD playing, plus software installation, and use the rewriter purely for burning purposes.

Even a cursory glance at manufacturers' specifications for rewriters will indicate that longevity is not as good as straightforward ROM drives.

  [DELETED] 10:31 19 Nov 2003

I agree with Stuartli. Keep the existing rom drive, and replace the cd-rw. The new drive will burn cd's as well as dvd's, and you keep the stability of the rom.

Go to device manager and uninstall the existing drive, then shut down. Open the machine and take it out, noting what cables went where. Check that the jumper settings on the new drive match those of the old. Fix the new one, connect up the cables and away you go. Did this yesterday, no problems.

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