DVD writer error

  jaimie 19:45 04 Mar 2006

I have just installed a Liteon DVD writer, this is a 16X machine which has replaced my old 8X machine. Whenever I try to copy a CD or burn some data to a CD ROM it creats the image for burning and then fails during writing with the error "power calibration error" Anyone know what this means please and what I can do about it? I have just downloaded and installed the latest Nero software which has made no difference.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 04 Mar 2006

If problem in Nero then:

1 on desktop click start
2 select control panel
3 click on administrative tools
4 click on services
5 browse your way down to IMAPI CD BURNING COM SERVICE
6 right click (on IMAPI) then select properties
7 in the middle of the window it will say start up type.click on the arrow to the right and select disabled.
8 make sure you click APPLY

you should notice that nero starts alot faster aswell.

  jaimie 21:31 04 Mar 2006

Hi Fruitbat, tried what you said and applied it but the burn process still failed at 8% with the message power calibration error, any more ideas? do you think it could be a faulty drive? The burn process fails in Napster as well.


  stalion 21:32 04 Mar 2006

have you set the jumper correctly?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:32 04 Mar 2006

There are two common causes for power calibration errors.
Low Quality Media
At the start of each burn the drive will burn to a small section the the disc to adjust the laser power for the media being used. Low quality media is inconsistent and will frequently give hit or miss results during the power calibration. AN32, CMC and Moser Baer are common low quality media.
Keep in mind that many of the brands of media aren't actually made by the company selling them. To find out who actually manufactured the media you can use DVD Identifier.
click here
Some of the best makes of media to try are Ritek G04/G05, Verbatim Metal AZO, Maxell and Taiyo Yuden.
The only recourse for power calibration errors with low quality media is to update the firmware for your drive and hope it works. Here's a link to the best firmware page to be found:
click here
If you've never flashed a drive before I highly suggest checking out the forums there and read up on the process before attemting anything.
Your Burner Is Dying
This one is self-explanatory.
If you're using quality media, your firmware is up to date and you're still recieving power calibration errors then your old drive is dying or your new drive is most likely defective.

  jaimie 22:01 04 Mar 2006

Stallion, yes the jumper is set to master as it is on its own IDE channel, the previos drive which I still have works in this set up.

FriutBat I am using Memorex CD-R which always worked in my other drive. I guess the drive is faulty.

Thanks for your help everyone


  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:44 04 Mar 2006

I would try some other types of media before giving up on the drive, I have found Memorex to be a bit iffy at times.

  jaimie 09:21 05 Mar 2006

The strange thing about this problem is that I have just recorded a DVD project for my company and burnded it to DVD using this drive an unknown brand of cheap DVD and it works perfectly but it won'r record a CD ROM. very strange.


  jaimie 15:47 05 Mar 2006

Hi FruitBat and others. I changed this drive for another 16X DVD I had and this produced the same results eg power calibration error. I have put the older 8X drive in and everything works. The conclusion I have come to is that my MOBO won't support 16X speed DVD, although having said that the DVD side of things always worked both creating and copying.It was the CD side which failed, ah well you live and learn.

Thanks for all your help


  stalion 18:22 05 Mar 2006

Thankyou for posting the outcome.

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