dvd writer drive problems

  hermione_uk2002 16:50 24 Apr 2006

I have had no problems with my dvd writer drive until recently when all of a sudden I can no longer use it properly. It will not burn at all - to dvd or CD, it doesn;t play disks automatically anymore and it's quite difficult to jump start it to read anything that's on a disk (although it does open files). Is this a software or hardware issue? I have tried system restore to no avail and a virus scan etc. COuld this be the work of sony rootkit? Or do I need to send the machine in for repair.

  Totally-braindead 17:43 24 Apr 2006

Is it a new drive? The reason I ask is you mention sending it in for repair. Repair, unless its under warranty is not really a viable option as a brand new drive costs about £35 and it would cost more in someones time to fix it.
I'm not really up on the Sony rootkit, I have heard of it but have no idea if it can cause this. It could be hardware or it could be software. Initially I would attempt to delete and reinstall your burning software. If there is a second PC available you could remove it and try it on that, that at least would confirm whether its hardware or software.

  skidzy 22:45 24 Apr 2006

Have you uninstalled any software recently ?

If so,it may well be you have removed a shared codec.

A couple of months ago i had a very similar problem,this solved my issue. click here

It will do you no harm to try the codec pack.

  hermione_uk2002 09:48 25 Apr 2006

Thanks - will try this out - i have uninstalled software I think (or at least tried to 'clean' my computer of unused items!)

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