DVD writer compatable with W98SE and 256MB

  Teasle 15:32 24 Mar 2005

Could somebody please give me some advice on this one?
I have just purchased a DVD-ROM(Writer)/LG GSA4163 16X DVD Dual Layer but before installing it, read the owners manual where it states under the heading system enviroment, that it requires higher than W98SE to run and also the spec of the PC it requires is higher than mine. I have a Athlon 1.7 processor, 60GB HD and 256MB RAM. I contacted LG and they replied very promptly stating that:

"The drive should work on Windows 98SE.The drive requires memory of 512MB or higher , VGA memory of 128MB or higher and hard disk 10GB or higher. It may work with your system but you may not be able to achieve optimum performance."

My questions are should I install it or look for another model, and what does not achieving optimum performance mean?


  FelixTCat 15:47 24 Mar 2005

The only problem you will have is that the drive does not come with a DVD-RAM driver. Go to this site: click here and download the driver for Win 98.

The only other important area with these drives is whether your system can feed it data as fast as it can burn it, but they all have a protection system in case that happens.

  pj123 16:45 24 Mar 2005

According to the spec:

click here
it should be OK.

There seems to be a few different versions of the 4163, like B, BA, BB, RBB, RBBB etc. Which version to you have?

I have an LG GSA4082B running on a Windows 98SE, Athlon XP200 with 256mb ram, 64mb graphics and an 80gb hard drive and the same DVD/RW on a Windows 98SE with Duron 1300 and 128gb ram, 32mb graphics and a 40gb hard drive no problems.

Optimum performance may just mean you won't be able to burn at the fastest speed available (which I never do anyway).

  Teasle 19:23 24 Mar 2005

Thank you for your replies.
Mine is a LG GSA-4163B. You have put my mind at rest some what so tomorrow I will have a go at installing it.
All the best to you.

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