DVD Writer bug?

  mikeymike 16:31 16 Nov 2003

Installed on Secondary IDE Sony DRU 510A DVD Writer seems successful, but it will only play audio CD's & Video CD's, not DVD's!. I have also managed to write a DVD successfully with the supplied software - SONIC MyDVD,which will play on my DVD ROM which remains as a slave on the Primary IDE with the Hard drive. Without the latter I would not have been able even to load the supplied Sonic software!
I tried a limited installation of only Hard Drive Primary, & DVD Writer Secondary, but nothing changed! DMA is enabled, but the current Transfer Mode shown is not the same for all devices. How do I change it if neccessary? Help?

  hugh-265156 17:16 16 Nov 2003

are your motherboard/chipset/ide drivers up to date?

  mikeymike 16:21 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for the response huggyg71.
Motherboard is ASUS A7A266 with Ali chipset, BIOS version 1008. ASUS website offers no clues as to necessary updates? (and updating it scares me!)
The only problem is that the new DVD Drive will not read any kind of DVD ROM! I have also tried another SONY DVD Drive with the same result.
Any other ideas.

  BigMoFoT 16:41 17 Nov 2003

I'd say the drive is faulty and you should look at returning it!!!

  mikeymike 17:00 17 Nov 2003

I already have exchanged it for a new one, (so SONY returns do work) - unfortunately same problem exists.

  hugh-265156 17:55 17 Nov 2003

a cdrw/dvd combo i had was only working in "pio mode" and i could not enable dma not matter what i tried.this was causing problems like you describe ie/not playing dvds and causing hangs when discs were inserted.

updated my motherboard drivers,straight away udma mode 4 available and all discs worked great,no hangs anymore.

is it A7A266 or A7A266E?

click here or click here

  hugh-265156 17:57 17 Nov 2003

ps.my links didnt work properly.

just click "all"

  mikeymike 21:01 18 Nov 2003

Thanks for the response Huggyg71.
The board is A7A266.
Could you be more precise on what you term Motherboard drivers. If you mean a BIOS update,I have read the warning in my manual to update only if you are sure it will resolve the problem. None of the later BIOS updates refer to anything other than later AMD CPU support, so am reluctant to go there if not sure!

  hugh-265156 21:14 18 Nov 2003

no not bios,i ment the chipset and ide drivers etc.

if you click "utilities" you should find"ALi Integrated Driver"

there is only one available and its for x9/me/2k

for xp drivers click "beta" at the top and there are more receint ones here for xp.

obviously the betas are untested,so its up to you if you want to try them.

  hugh-265156 21:16 18 Nov 2003


if you do have xp

if it was me i would set a restore point and give them a whirl.

thats just me though. :-)

  hugh-265156 21:28 18 Nov 2003

and if that doesnt work

you can get firmware for the drive click here

copy to floppy disc

boot from it and follow instructions

note this is like a bios flash but for your dvd drive

sometimes it improves handling of certain brands/types of disc.

as with a bios flash,if it goes wrong its bye bye dvd drive.i have never had any problems with any flashes from here though.

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