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  Wessie 15:30 16 Jun 2003

I have a Philips DVD Writer +RW and I am using Roxio Easy Cd Creator. I can read and write CD's without any problems but when I use a blank DVD-R I get a message saying something like this is the wrong media insert a blank CD. I am using TDK DVD's I have also used SONY DVD's and I got the same problem. Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem so that I can burn to DVD's

  -pops- 17:11 16 Jun 2003

You cannot write DVD+R (W) on to a DVD-R disk. Did you mean that by what you wrote above?

Also DVD wrtiers are very faddy about what they will write to anyway. Check with Philips for compatible disks.


  crx1600 17:15 16 Jun 2003

apart from the confusion over the +/- formats, which version of easyCD are you using?

is it the version that came with your DVD writer, or was it already installed.

  Wessie 17:17 16 Jun 2003

I am using Roxio easy CD Creator 5.3.2 Basic. It was already installed

  crx1600 17:26 16 Jun 2003

i use nero, so have no experience of EasyCD.

seems there is a later version 5.3.5, with a fix regarding DVD+RW. click here

also there is a version 6, easy CD & DVD creator?

  Lozzy 22:50 16 Jun 2003

You must have easy CD creator 6 if your going to use the DVD disk for writing. Also you cannot use DVD-R ina DVD+R rom unless it is a sony or the alike that is -+ and Ram compatible.

As Crx1600 says Nero is good however I use both as both programs are very good for different types of writing.

  The Sack 23:05 16 Jun 2003

You can use -R in a +R drive, you mean you cant write it.

  -pops- 05:51 17 Jun 2003

Which I said way back;-)

I wish Wessie would clarify this point - is (s)he trying to write DVD+R code to a DVD-R disk?


  Wessie 09:04 17 Jun 2003

Sorry about all the confusion that I have caused. Hopefully this will clarify the matter. I have a Philips DVD+RW Writer (Hardware) and I have been trying to write to TDK and Sony -R discs. I will try DVD+RW dvd discs.

  stlucia 09:09 17 Jun 2003

No need to go to the expense of +RW (unless you really want to re-use them). Your +RW burner will also do +R disks, but it WON'T do -R or -RW.

  -pops- 09:21 17 Jun 2003

Ahh, good!

As stlucia says, no need to use +RW disks, +R will do fine PROVIDING that they are a brand and type approved by Philips. As I said above, DVD writers are very fussy about what they will write to. Reading from them is not a problem.


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