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  Callaghan 20:27 07 Jan 2003
  Callaghan 20:27 07 Jan 2003

I want to transfer Digital 8 videos to DVD using Sonic MyDVD via firewire, but the quality is not very good. i.e not as sharp as playback on TV or PC. Is there anyway of improving this? Or is just to be expected?

Would the quality be improved with a "digital" camcorder? Any experience with this anyone?

Does anyone know what DVD players on the market play DVD+RW and/or DVD+R discs as no vendor has a clue?

  Jungle 07:15 08 Jan 2003

HI Callagham

If you are using your Digital 8 camera with a firewire card you should have no loss of quality..unless that is ...if your camera only has DV out...but as you are transfering to DVD then the quality should be A1, as you are moving the footage all digitally. so basically the quality should be as good as shot in the first place...yes a digital camera will give you better results but thats no reason to upgrade you camera as your Dig 8 should give u decent results.

You say that you are burning to a DVD..I dont mean to be rude but are you actually burning a DVD using a DVD Burner ?...the reason I ask is quite a few people think they can burn a DVD using a CDRW which you cant...( You can burn a mini DVD or a VCD..but I digress ).

A VCD will be poorer quality and hence why you might be having trouble ?

If you are using a DVD burner whether it be a standalone ie ( somthing which looks like your VCR recorder ) or an internal drive ( somthing which looks like your CD drive in your PC ) then you should have A1 recordings, and I can only suggest trying a firmware update, by contacting the vendor ( ie producer of the product on the internet )

Now to your next question regarding compatability..basically DVD-R ( note the - R bit ) is probably the most compatable amongst the brands 88% and is the cheapest media. There is DVD-R..DVD-RW...DVD+R...DVD+RW and DVD RAM. What a nightmare....worse than VHS and betamax...

In my travels I have found that the cheaper the brand of player ie somthing like a BUSH or AIWA will normally play just about anything where as somthing like a Toshiba or Sony can be fussy. Having said that the newer players tend to be better...but heres a site which will give you details on exactly what players will play DVD-R , DVD+R ets etc...click here

I know how you feel about the highstreet shops , unfortunately most ( not all ) do not fully understand about the DVD recorders yet as they are a relatively new technology ( well affordable new technology anyway ) and hence most people are still using there VCR recorders and have only just gone and bought a DVD player let alone recorder...so you are in the minority....THIS WILL CHANGE !

Enjoy your home movies !

Apologies if you are using a DVD Burner and dont need all the padding in the explanations.

Hope this helps.


  Callaghan 13:29 08 Jan 2003

Hi Jungle!

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

Yes i am burning with an internal DVD burner, but it is all new & scary to me as a novice.

Don't want to appear too ignorant, but can you expand upon firmware update?

Thanks again.

  Jungle 07:47 09 Jan 2003


To look to see if you need a firmware update go to the manufactures website..so lets say its a phillips or a Sony internal DVD writer. Go to click here etc etc ( Had to double .. so it wouldnt turn blue ) ..anyway go to the support section on the website then see if there are any downloads for your DVD RW...or you can do a search on somthing like google.com

The website should give clear instrucions on how to update a firmware...A note of CAUTION. If you do update the firmware be very very careful to follow the instructions to the letter, if you are unsure leave well alone, as you could do more harm than good.

Have a look at the vcdhelp website ( click here )and see if they have your DVDRW listed then click next to it for user comments...someone may have problems like you and resolved them easily ?


Another route around your problem of quality could be to use a different program to burn the DVD as not all software titles offer the same quality / functions. There are many different progams on the market that can be used to burn a DVD from free software downloads like DivX ( Although this cant be used to play in standalone players, so probably no good for you ) to programs like Aheads NERO 5 and editing packages from the likes of Symantecs Pinnacle Studio 8, MGM VideoWave 5 , DVD Movie Factory , Uleads Videowave etc etc. Unfortunately I cannot tell you which one will bring out the best quality / results for you, ( some of its personal choice / budget )

Heres a couple of tests from the internet on writing software...

click here
click here

Take a look at the website I mentioned above ( here it is again ) click here and then click on the " How to Author " bit on the left hand side , Then page down until you see How to Author a DVD... this will give you a step by step guide on how to burn a DVD and give you some tips. I would also recommend doing a few searches using google and read a few magazine articles..( You can do a sneaky at lunch time and go to the Libary ( WH Smiths !!! ) and have a quick read from somthing like ... Camcorder User, Computer Video etc etc, these will give you some more ideas and help you make your decesion.

Sorry I cant offer a firm answer to resolve your problem but I am sure that you will at least have some food for thought.

All the best

  IanNiblock 09:03 09 Jan 2003

I have the HP 200e DVD Burner at home and have had no problems reading the DVD's that I have produced on the 2 players in the household. One is a Toshiba and the other is Sony - I cannot remember the models, but I will find out tonight and post back tomorrow if you would find that useful?

  Callaghan 14:23 09 Jan 2003


Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!
I will sort out the quality problem i'm sure.


That's interesting my DVD+RW will not play in my Toshiba (video/dvd combi) SD22VB
What dvd discs are you using?

  Callaghan 14:24 09 Jan 2003


Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!
I will sort out the quality problem i'm sure.


That's interesting my DVD+RW will not play in my Toshiba (video/dvd combi) SD22VB
What dvd discs are you using?

  scotty 16:02 09 Jan 2003

I don't want to chase you from this forum but this is quite a speciasised question. I suggest you try click here. They are a friendly & helpful bunch.

Re your question about "digital" camcorder, your Digital8 is a digital camcorder and will give equivalent quality to one using DV tapes.

I am not familiar with SonicMyDVD so I can not offer any suggestions. However, I would expect video transferred to DVD to give good quality. Do you have the option to write the files to your hard drive before burning the DVD? If so, can you view the videos from the copy on your hard drive? This might indicate whether it is the capture or the burning that is the problem.

You could try looking at click here for info on compatability.

  Callaghan 20:05 09 Jan 2003


Thanks. Just to say suggested sites were v.v. helpful thanks.


Arn't all computer related topics specialised??
Yes i can write to hard drive - i will try this thanks

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