casper69 08:24 01 Mar 2006

I need to buy a new dvd writer any ideas for a good one. i need to put family movies on to dvd.

  eqskey 09:06 01 Mar 2006

There are plenty of good makes around.
However,I build loads of pc's and use the Pioneer 110D model.Around £26.
They have just run out but I buy from
click here

  jakimo 20:57 01 Mar 2006
  rmcqua 21:01 01 Mar 2006

This one is good:
click here

  User-312386 21:02 01 Mar 2006

Pioneer 110D for me click here

  Koochy 00:06 02 Mar 2006

is it internal or external you require as i use a click here and it very rarely fails.

  SG Atlantis® 00:13 02 Mar 2006

PHILIPS DVDR16LS click here=

The best drive I ever owned! Quiet and has never given me a failed burn yet. Has lightscribe click here built in - but it's a feature I haven't used since the free sample cds that you get with it ran out.

I highly recommend it!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:45 02 Mar 2006

If you want a multi format,lightscribe enabled device, this one is reliable in my experience.
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:49 02 Mar 2006

Also does -R(DL) but they have forgotten to mention it here.

  David4637 17:04 02 Mar 2006

On your external DVD Writer does it support
DVD-R Dual Layer recording as well? The Ebuyer web page says only DVD+R for Dual layer? Thanks David

  Koochy 10:10 03 Mar 2006

no it doesn't support DVD-R Dual layer it will infact only do DVD+R dual layer.

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