VALLEY TAFF 08:03 08 Nov 2004

Gents and Ladies.
Could you help, my mesh computer has a D.V.D player and a seperate C.D writer and player, I am about to purchase a digital cam corder for the first time should I replace the D.V.D player with a stand alone D.V.D writer or should I replace the C.D writer wih a combined D.V.D-C.D writer? Would much appreciate your help.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 08 Nov 2004

The latter is the best option as I see it.

A dvd writer will also record CDs. Then you can use the DVD drive to play DVDs also.

Or if you have only one hdd, you can add the DVD writer drive too.

  User-312386 08:34 08 Nov 2004

you normally find that DVD-WRITERS have combo dvd players

However, when i purchased my DVD-WRITER i removed my cd-writer and left the dvd-rom there

  BT 08:34 08 Nov 2004

The best option is to replace the CD Writer with a DVD writer as recommended above. A further advantage of this is that you can have one drive set to play Region 1 dvd's and the other drive set to play Region 2 dvd's, thereby avoiding the problem of running out of region changes, usually only 4 or 5 on most drives,

  Stuartli 09:21 08 Nov 2004

Even more importantly, if you retain the DVD-ROM amd buy a DVD rewriter (about £45 upwards these days for 16x dual layer), you can use the rewriter purely for burning and the DVD-ROM for playing disks, installing software, listening to CDs etc.

Rewriters are not the most robust of devices so should be kept purely for their intended purpose, rather than a multi-use tool.

  The Spires 11:21 08 Nov 2004

I would have a seperate Cd & DVD writer as I do have.

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