DVD wont play in DVD player or DVD drive

  Noelg23 08:28 05 Jan 2005

I got a DVD writer for xmas from my mother and sister in laws which I was very happy about. yesterday I copied a movie (which I have had for 3years so dont start with the copyright thing!), after it finished copying, I first played it back in the DVD writer and it worked a treat! then I took it to play on my CDRW/DVD drive and it wouldnt play, took it to my DVD player and the same thing happened there! I would like to know why this is? Just so u know the drive I have is an ENlight 1624DWDL and the disc I used is a DVD-R. I was wondering if the format of the disc had anything to do with it? thanks guys. oh and happy new year...

  Noelg23 09:25 05 Jan 2005


  €dstowe 09:29 05 Jan 2005

What did you use to do the copying?

There is more to DVD copying than just transferring the data from one disc to another.

If you have Nero, there is a facility there to copy DVD or, perhaps better, recode DVD.

Regarding the copyright thing, copyright lasts a lot longer than three years:-)

  Noelg23 09:53 05 Jan 2005

I used CloneDVD, I do have Nero, so I will give this a try, its such a damn pain that I have use another disc as I got DVD-R, but I guess this wont matter as most DVD players and drives should read them...is there any other info I should know about just in case? also can anyone tell me how I can convert AVI and MPEG files to DVD without having such a long process? or is there no such thing?

  Salinger 09:58 05 Jan 2005

"I got DVD-R, but I guess this wont matter as most DVD players and drives should read them"

Not quite true!

  Noelg23 10:16 05 Jan 2005

thank you, I know this now...

  Noelg23 10:24 05 Jan 2005

Oh by the way €dstowe I made a mistake I used Intervideo DVD Copy and not CloneDVD. I did use Nero and CloneDVD in the first place but after they copied there was no further action and it just sat there doing nothing for about 10 min, I thought it would do some sort of finalising but no action and the system didnt respond. but after using Intervideo, it copied ok but will only play on the drive it was copied on.

  €dstowe 10:29 05 Jan 2005

Have you tried the Nero recode facility? Even though you may not be recoding, it will (or should) give a disc that it playable in much equipment.

  Noelg23 10:43 05 Jan 2005

well, I have just been told that if I use DVD decrypter, it will create an ISO image and I should be able to mount the image so that Nero can copy it to disc...does that sound about right?

  Noelg23 14:04 05 Jan 2005


  ACOLYTE 14:15 05 Jan 2005

You should be able to but you may get a message telling you there is not enough room on the disc.

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