Lemur 01:44 05 Feb 2005

I have set up Windows Media Player 10, but DVD's in my LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B, will not play. The Hardware installation wizard tells me that "This device is working properly". The DVD Region is set correctly to "2". I am being told to "Please insert a disc into drive G", when there is already one in there. A WM 10 "Portable Media Devices" panel tells me that, it "Cannot find compatible Device" It has all been working well previously, but I must have upset a setting somewhere! Any ideas please?

  User-312386 01:49 05 Feb 2005

I would use Power DVD rather then windows media player

  Lemur 14:47 07 Nov 2005

Thank you madboy33.

Sorry about the lengthy interval but, I would prefer to stick to the equipment I have, at least until I have tried to get things moving again. It was all working perfectly until late last year!

Could someone please have another look at my explanation above, to see if I might have upset a setting somewhere.

Many thanks.

  ACOLYTE 14:51 07 Nov 2005

So its looking for a DVD in a portable drive rather than the dvd player?,dont know if this will work but put the dvd in the drive open wmp,then click the little down arrow next to "now playing" and select the dvd rom drive from the list.

  SANTOS7 14:58 07 Nov 2005

click here
MP10 does not play DvD by default you need codecs for it, use the K-lite codec pack from the link...

click here this link will give a better insight to use of codecs...

  gel 15:55 07 Nov 2005

I had a lot of trouble over a 12 months period (off and on) until I installed PoewerDVD now its wonderful

  Lemur 00:39 08 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone - so far so good!

I have followed SANTOS7 suggestion and then ACOLYTE.

I am now able to play CD's and CD ROM's in my DVD Drive and I get some recognition that there is an "Unknown DVD" in my DVD Drive (ACOLYTE method).

However, when I try to play a DVD in Windows Media Player, I now get the following error message: "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. Open display in Control Panel, and then lower your screen resolution and colour quality settings. To view DVD the Troubleshooter click More Information."

That advice I have tried but it seems to lead me nowhere!

Does any of this ring any bells please? I have come to another dead end.


PS: I also have Real Player installed, as some web-sites call for it to play their videos. When I try to play a DVD through that, I get the message: "The DVD cannot be played. Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed."!!

  Totally-braindead 00:48 08 Nov 2005

I'm afraid Lemur that I think both Windows Media Player and Real Player do not have the codecs for playing DVDs as far as I know and you'd find it easier following gels advice. I could be wrong about this but media player and real player have never played DVDs for me I've always had to use another program.

  ACOLYTE 00:52 08 Nov 2005

I dont know if these will help click here

click here

  007al 01:00 08 Nov 2005

realplayer will play dvd`s,it just needs codec

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