DVD won't play

  ened 18:56 05 Nov 2004

My Dad (who is a long way away)has an LG DVD re-writer and uses XPpro. I have an LG DVD re-writer and I use XPpro. We have both installed all the software which came with the machine yet mine will play pre-recorded (shop bought) DVDs and his will not.
Any clues as to which direction he should look in would be much appreciated.

  Michendi 18:59 05 Nov 2004

Are they both the same Region?

  ened 19:19 05 Nov 2004

I would think they must be - both came from the same source. His DVDs play on his living room player. But I will check it out with him.

  ened 07:16 06 Nov 2004

Any other ideas please?

  ened 17:50 10 Nov 2004


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