DVD Wizard Pro. Anyone tried it ?

  armand 21:16 10 Mar 2003

Just come across this software ad.
Allows DVD to be burnt onto cd, without the need for a DVD-R. Sounds interesting.
Has anyone used this product ?
Any response gratefully received.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:21 11 Mar 2003

Type 'DVD Wizard Pro' into google and see all the sites. Virtually everyone is an affiliate site ( the programme is sold as an affiliate programme that you can flog to all and sundry on the net). I'm not saying it doesn't work but it is hard to get any independent reviews. ;-))


  SMB Systems 01:11 11 Mar 2003

Sounds a bit iffy, to get a dvd to cd you either need a hell of a lot of cd's or they will drop the bitrate on you to somewhere around vcd quality, the end result may well be worse than vcr tapes. Can't say for certain as i haven't tried it, but have played with dvd, divx etc a lot and would be wary of spending any serious money on it without a sample/demo first.

  €dstow 07:54 11 Mar 2003

If a DVD could be written on to a CD there would be no need for DVDs would there?

Treat any claims they make with caution and realise that you either have only a very short portion of your DVD on the CD or that the quality will be so much reduced that you'll wish you hadn't bothered.


  JoeC 08:17 11 Mar 2003

somewhere, but cannot remember where. The jist of it was that the DVD is recorded as a VCD and the quality is nothing like DVD. The conclusion of the article was that it was not worth the money. Also, as €dstow says, you would not need DVDs then, would you ??

  armand 10:28 13 Mar 2003

Thanks for the response.

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