DVD will write DVD-R but will not then read disk.

  Halifax 10:01 22 Jan 2010

I am running Win XP Pro SP3.
I can write a DVD-R on my pc, but after writing and finalising the DVD is not read by the same DVD writer.
I have two DVD players (one a writer) on the PC, and the other DVD player also does not recognise the DVD-R after its been written.
I have tried three different branded DVD-R's.
All of the disks work fine on my other laptop and two other PC's.
Given the problem is with both of my different brand DVD players on the same pc, I suspect a Win XP Pro problem?
Anyone know why, or have a solution?

  BRYNIT 10:24 22 Jan 2010

A little more information on what you have written to the disk and what happens when you try to view the disk would help.

What have you written to the disk.

Is the disk recognised in explorer. Can you see the files if so the disk is OK.

Are you trying to view a video. If its a video file it could be the program you are using.

  Halifax 11:13 22 Jan 2010

Thanks for coming back to me. The disks contain recorded TV programmes and films, as DVD files.
When I put a disk in to the drive the text under the drive changes from DVD-RAM Drive(F;) to CD:Drive (F:). When I try and open it, I just get a blank box.
I have both Win Media Player and Nero Showtime 2.
I also have not always had this problem - I just dug out an old recorded Verbatim DVD disk and it worked fine.

  BRYNIT 18:55 22 Jan 2010

It could be either the disk has not been finalized or a program conflict.

With Nero Express Essentials click on the small triangle to the left, click on disk info this should give you information on the disk. If is shows any available space on the disk the disk will need to be finalized.

Do you have any problems playing any other DVD's.

  Halifax 09:14 23 Jan 2010


I do not think it is a finalisation problem as the disks will read OK on other pc's and my TV DVD player.

Nero Essentials Disk Information says "-The disk is empty" (its not, it has a file on it that is recognised and plays on another pc).

Other disks, previously wtitten DVD's and commercial shop bought DVD's work fine.

  eedcam 10:45 23 Jan 2010

Possibly conflict of software on your pc you could install Imgburn its free and providing its a prope dvd ie Video_ts files itwilsee it .Not a solution cut might highlight nero as the prob also much better for ripping and burning
click here

  Halifax 15:05 25 Jan 2010

Just tried using a DVD+R, and everything works OK. Strange.
As I said above, my multi-format DVD writer will write DVD-R's OK, and they can be read on other pc's OK, but not the pc that wrote them....

  Terry Brown 15:50 25 Jan 2010

It is possible that both DVD writers have a fault (Unlikely-but). Can you take one of the DVD writers from your machine and plug it into a different machine to test it, or take a DVD player , that you know works and plug it into your machine. If it works then the fault is with the DVD player, if not then the fault is with your computer.

If the computer is at fault and you have a XP CD, put it in the drive and run sfc /scannow to repair any errors.

  Halifax 16:23 31 Jan 2010

Thanks to all who tried to help. Since everything works fine with DVD+R disks on both drives I'll just use them.

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