DVD will not recognise there is a disk in drive

  tjj1 15:13 19 Jan 2003
  tjj1 15:13 19 Jan 2003

Help please! I've checked the drivers and XP reports there are no problems with the drive. I've checked the cables and now am stumpted. The only thing I can think of is that the drive is 12 months old and hasn't been cleaned. Is this the likely problem?

  Lozzy 15:18 19 Jan 2003

Unlikely,, Have you tried another or just a another CD to ensure it is working?? It could be the DVD you tried was not area 2 coded.. Try an ordinary CD not a DVD and make sure the rom is working then report back

  DieSse 15:38 19 Jan 2003

The " XP reports there are no problems with the drive" is not a test of the drive. Just that it's ther, and was installed correctly.

Most likely it's failed. They can fail just for DVDs and not CDs.

  tjj1 11:48 20 Jan 2003

Thanks for your suggestions. It is an ordinary CD. I've tried a game and an audio CD to no avail.

  redelf 19:46 20 Jan 2003

Do you get an error message on screen saying thee is no disk in the drive, or is it juts that nothing happens? Check that the drive is set to auto-run.

  tjj1 20:02 22 Jan 2003

Sorry not to get back to you for a while. I get the dialogue box which tells me there is no disk in the drive and asks me to put one in.

  DieSse 20:32 22 Jan 2003

Change the drive.

  tjj1 21:30 22 Jan 2003

Cheers for that. I am afraid I agree that it must have died.

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