DVD and Video playback

  fullyfitted 19:19 26 Nov 2010

Using X P Home with SP 3

DVD player/ burners
Sony DVD –ROM DDU 1612

Two problems have arisen recently.
1) If I try to use either of the above to play a DVD I get the following message

“”Windows Media player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer”

If I use Media Player with a Video downloaded from my camera it works perfectly.

2) If I play a Video from IPlayer, Google Earth, Utube or one attached to say a news item the playback is jerky with frequent pauses, the video seem to be affected more than the sound.

I don’t know if the two problems are related but they both seemed to have arisen together.

I’ve found this site click here which seems to offer some hope but I would appreciate any thoughts, observations or advice.


  MAT ALAN 19:36 26 Nov 2010

click here
could be a codec issue, download the file in the link it will help...

  fullyfitted 19:48 26 Nov 2010

Thanks for the response, I'm not very PC skilled so is this something a novice can handle?


  johnnyrocker 19:56 26 Nov 2010

what connection speed have you?


  fullyfitted 23:06 26 Nov 2010

Sorry about the delay in replying, Speeds vary during the day but rarely drop below 6000 kbps and average about 6700 kbps


  eedcam 09:26 27 Nov 2010

If you dont want to mess around with codecs then try VLC player its free better than wmp and plays about anything there is.Dont be put off by its basic look
click here

  fullyfitted 12:09 27 Nov 2010

Thanks again for your suggestion but as I feel I'm getting into areas that I know nothing about I will try the suggestion from eedcam first and hope that cures the problem


  fullyfitted 19:15 27 Nov 2010

Changed my mind and decided to go with the link provided by MAT ALAN,

To be honest I’m not at all sure what I did but I tried to restrict the download to the minimum of changes in the hope of restricting any potential damage. Near the end of the download it reported two broken links to files in the registry and recommended deletion, followed the advice and I can now play DVD’s.

That’s 50% of the problem solved but I’ve still got jerky video in IPlayer, Utube etc. I know the answer is in the K-lite pack somewhere if only I knew where to look. So if anyone is an expert on this programme then any advice would be welcome.

Thanks again,


  rdave13 19:35 27 Nov 2010

I would have downloaded the full K-Lite from file hippo and left everything as default.
The jerky playback from streamed videos suggests to me either a flash problem (doubtful) or a browser problem.
You don't say which browser you use so if you use IE then try firefox and download the non-IE flash player, from file hippo again. Use IE to download the non-IE flash player making sure firefox is closed.
It could be an addon in your browser causing a conflict.

  fullyfitted 21:03 27 Nov 2010


I'm using IE7 and I think you may have hit the nail on the head because I had to do a recent repair to it and although I can't be sure the problem may have started about the same time.

Can't do it tonight but will try tomorrow and report back



  fullyfitted 15:07 29 Nov 2010

Installed FireFox and the improvement to Google earth is dramatic.

Unfortunately no improvement to IPlayer or other streamed video
Possibly rdave13 was correct and I should have run K-lite at the default settings. When I pluck up the courage that will be my next step but meanwhile I'll tick as resolved.

Many thanks to all who helped


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