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I loaded DVD magic which came on a cover disc a few months ago but the sound has little breaks in all the vcd I have made. Otherwise the short time to copy and picture quality is excellent.

Can anyone suggest an alternative programme which might improve on the sound problems I encountered with DVD Magic.

I've tried a few which i've downladed but the picture quality isn't as good and the length of time to rip the dvd is usually several hours longer than DVD Magic. I emailed the company that made DVD Magic regarding the sound problems but didn't get a reply.


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Sack I tried that one and I think it was incredibly slow.

mark - what one do you recommend for speed and quality?

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i wouldnt call 2 hours from rip to finnish slow considering the amount of encoding that had to take place.

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click here

Follow the guide written here. All the tools listed are available here too.Good Luck.Or alternatively click here
and get yourself a cheap DVD writer instead.

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