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  puma22 09:25 27 Jul 2005

If you have a TV card in the PC, is it possible to record TV programmes onto DVD so that they can be viewed on a TV rather than the PC?
PS sorry for hijacking previous thread!

  Danoh 10:11 27 Jul 2005

Molly Moon, the owner of that thread click here did not mind, so I hope I have not over reacted. Feeling guilty that I'd broken up a party, I'll try and restart here on your thread.

Molly Moon seems to be in a different situation to yourself as she can't get TV broadcasts, only satellite, but with broadband service due. You have an existing PC and presumably can receive terrestrial TV broadcasts and have a broadband connection, as well as an existing DVD player connected to a TV?

From the other thread, yes, you can buy a TV card to record TV programmes onto your PC’s hard disk (HDD). Then using your PC’s DVD writer and associated software, burn a DVD in a format which is playable by your DVD player which is connected to your TV.

Please provide us with details of your DVD player, your existing DVD writer, DVD writing software (Nero), size of PC hard drive and how much free space is available and the operating system (MS Windows XP?) installed on your PC.

  puma22 10:56 27 Jul 2005

Hi, you are right to say to start a new thread, as well as being inconsiderate of me, it would have all got very confusing.
The eqiepment I have is firstly XP with 250GB hard drive (50%) free. 1MB ram. NEC +-RW. Using Nero to burn. The DVD player i use is PS2.

  Danoh 11:17 27 Jul 2005

Just to repost; Stuartli had suggested;
“You can buy a TwinHan VisionPlus DTV-ter Freeview PCI TV card for £35 plus VAT - it provides first class Freeview TV and radio channels displays and sound.”
click here

Is your 250 HD partitioned into separate drives? It would be worthwhile to have a separate partition/drive as the place to store your video recordings on. The easiest way might simple be to add a second HD if your existing HD is not partitioned and you are not familiar with partitioning an existing HD which is already being used.

Presumably you have already burned DVDs and played them successfully on your PS2 games machine? Try that first and get familiar with that process before investing in a TV card.

  Danoh 11:48 27 Jul 2005

Did you get a Software CD-Rom with your NEC DVD writer (which model?) as it should have the following Nero software programs, some of which will create DVDs. I don’t know what formats the PS2 games console would play though. Presumably your PS2 manual will tell you?

Nero Express 6
•the most famous writer software to private data and music compilations

NeroVision Express 2
•integrated Video and Photo capturing, editing, authoring and burning application to create DVDs, SVCDs and VCDs supported by powerful storyboard and timeline editing.

Nero Recode 2
•shrink double layer DVDs to standard DVD media by transcoding non-copy protected DVD-Video titles. Keeps the original menu. The user can select desired video titles, audio tracks, and subtitles. With Fit-to-disc option. Transcoding to MPEG4 video stream supported as well.

Nero Showtime
•High quality DVD, MPEG4 and VCD playback application

Nero BackItUp
•Full featured backup application which supports full, incremental, update and differential backups with job scheduler for automatic backups.

others: Nero Cover Designer, Nero InfoTool, Nero CD-DVD Speed

  Stuartli 18:15 27 Jul 2005

Further to my suggestion of the TwinHan Freeview PCI card, which can be used as a Personal Video Recorder to record TV to your hard drive, there is another model, the D + A (Digital + Analogue), from the same source (click here).

However, unlike the Freeview version, this card doesn't use TwinHan's own software but Cyberlink's PowerCinema offering.

I've now got the D + A card, but the PowerCinema software is not very clever to say the least, even though you can still use the card as a PVR, use it to show/record video cassette recorder tapes' output or that of a games console. TwinHan is supposed to be bringing out new software shortly to overcome the disadvantage.

It's a nuisance as the D + A has the necessary video/audio output sockets as well as an improved remote control unit.

But once the software has been sorted, the D + A will be a boon for those wanting a versatile Freeview PCI TV card that will capture digital or analogue TV and radio transmissions as necessary (some people still cannot get Freeview, so the card is future proofed for them when they can watch the service). Both cards are also HDTV compatible. See:

click here

Both cards record TV using MPEG-2 decoding so recordings burned to a disk should work with a standard DVD player.

  puma22 08:41 28 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice!
So, if I get a TV card like the Twinha (the digital one will be OK and sounds at the moment the best bet) I will be able to copy TV programmes to my PC and then burn direct to DVD using Nero?

  Stuartli 09:00 28 Jul 2005

If you just want to copy TV (or radio) programmes to your hard drive and then burn them to DVD, your best bet would be the cheaper TwinHan Freeview VisionPlus DTV-ter PCI card - its software is straightfoward, in contrast to the D + A alternative.

However, if you wish to connect a VCR or games console to also record their inputs, then you need the D + A which has the necessary input/output socketry.

  puma22 10:46 29 Jul 2005

Thanks for the information. THe D+A card does not seem to be available at the moment but it sounds good. I think I will wait until it is availabe with the software.
Thansk again for the advice!

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