Dvd thinks it's cd drive &conflicts with usb mouse

  Dan 23:12 20 Oct 2003

My dvd drive has begun to glitch on me.

Recently it kicked me out of the program I was in and then decided it was no longer a dvd but that instead it was a cd drive.

Also recently it has begun to cause the mouse to freeze on screen whilst it runs up to speed again. In fact it seems to have a lot of trouble deciding whether to stay at a uniform speed or slow down.

I don't use the drive for films etc but it is relevant for games. (I can use the cdrw drive to access cds no probs)

Are these obvious signs of a drive in death throws or is there something I can do to fix this?

I have got a number of usb devices plugged into the system...is there anyway that their numbers could be interfering with the internal devices. (5usb devices via 2 hubs)

According the the system it's a generic Atapi DVD x16. The os is WinXPhome.

Many thanks for any help


  Rtus 23:44 20 Oct 2003

Which is the new item you've added recently , mouse ,CDRW, or the dvd .or have they all been present since purchase .. It sounds as if its a conflicting Ide channel the mouse freezing while the dvd is being accessed is a symptom..it could equally be a crowded drive causing the bother. another thought is > is the XP an upgrade from the original O/S on the unit ?

  hugh-265156 23:47 20 Oct 2003

have a look in control panel/performance and maintenance/system/hardware/device manager

right click the secondary ide/properties/advanced and set to dma if available.it may be set to pio and this could cause the slowdown.

check in your bios its set to auto dectect for the drive.

try uninstalling the drive from device manager an restarting the computer,windows will reinstall it again with the correct driver.

there are various tools available to prolong the spindown time and reduce the read speed click here is one,nero6 also has this feature click here

  Dan 00:19 21 Oct 2003

Rtus - the only new kit is a replacement printer and, in order to use it and the other kit I need, an Adaptec usb2 hub. I was having some glitching from the mouse which I seemed to have sorted out by juggling what usb hardware went through which hub. Now aside from when the Dvd plays up the mouse seems fine.

(I have 2 usb1 connectors and 2 usb2 on the pc and a 2xusb1 hub on the monitor and a 4x usb2 Adaptec hub. Into which I split a scanner, printer, ext hard drive, CF reader, mouse, tablet and occassionally a zip drive.) You can see why I wonder if the excess usb devices are causing a conflict.

The XP os is what came with the system and the internal hardware is all part of the original kit.

huggyg71 - I checked the drives as you suggested but they're all set to dma if available already.

Will check the bios tomorrow.

Reading through the compatibles with the cdromtool prog Atapi dvd drives seem pretty incompatible. Will see if Aida32 can tell me exactly which Atapi drive I have.

Thanks for all the suggestions


  hugh-265156 00:27 21 Oct 2003

it will still use a standard windows driver.

when all of the usb devices(and you do seem to have quite a lot)are removed,does the dvd drive function normaly?

is this a powered hub?

  Rtus 00:31 21 Oct 2003

It may also be how the Dvd is attached on which IDE cable (master /slave Ide0/1/ or secondry Ide etc.but this usually shows up earlier...

  Dan 00:39 21 Oct 2003

Sorry don't understand that. Surely an incompat list means the prog won't work with those drives?

the Adaptec hub has it's own power supply and I assume the hub on the monitor draws from the monitor's power supply.

will try unplugging all the hub units and seeing if there's still a glitch between dvd and mouse tomorrow (bed is calling me now :) )

Has to be said I'd pretty much abandoned the dvd for films for sometime cause it's just not up to it...which makes me think this may have been an ongoing problem with the spin up/down thing which I'd been ignoring as unimportant, and that the mouse is just another symptom which is making me take notice again because I Need the mouse!

Will return to this Fun in the morning.

Cheers for the help


  Stuartli 09:38 21 Oct 2003

A USB scanner should be used from a port dedicated to its use and other components run from a powered USB hub if you only have two USB ports.

The rewriter should be set as Master and the DVD-ROM drive as Slave.

  Stuartli 09:40 21 Oct 2003

You can check the DVD-ROM drive's speed abilities by using Nero's Tools section (if you have Nero).

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