DVD standard - which one?

  Mr Alien 10:18 15 Apr 2003


I am about to buy a DVD-rw but can't decide whether I should get +RW or -RW.

The cheap ones all seem to be + but I am told that there are more - than + on the market.

Which do you think I am best with?

My television's DVD player is an LG, and I am not sure which format they take either.


  Gerrycan 10:51 15 Apr 2003
  Mr Alien 11:43 15 Apr 2003


thanks, but I'm not really wanting to make VCDs.

I want to make DVDs, but would like to know which is generally the most supported standard.

Is it better to pay a bit more and get the -rw instead of +rw ?

  crx16 12:37 15 Apr 2003

search here for your DVD player,see which format it supports click here

  billyliv 12:54 15 Apr 2003

Hi, Microsoft has very recently opted to use the DVD+R format. That means of course that the DVD-R format will be out of the window very sharpish. Cheers, Bill

  Big Elf 12:58 15 Apr 2003

See also click here

  stephend 16:02 15 Apr 2003

The general consensus seems to be that DVD+ will win out. It's almost the same debate we had years ago about VHS and BetamaX which,as we know, VHS won. (Many still believe Betamax was the better option) With Microsoft siding with DVD+ it would appear the better way to go - prices should fall pretty soon.

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