k_g2000 16:58 07 Dec 2003

Hi guys,
Dvd/rom will play music discs with sound fine but when I play a dvd I get a picture but no sound. I'm using media player(xp)and home dvd software, on board sound, Asus A7N266-VM-SE SKT A MATX Sound Lan Motherboard, LG 16x48 IDE DVD-ROM Drive. Tried everything apart from sound card, do I need a sound card for dvd sound?
Thanks k_g

  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 07 Dec 2003

You don't need a dedicated sound card - it may be that the correct audio codecs are not installed for DVD playing.

What software do you use for playing DVDs? Have a look at MaximusDVD.com and follow their advice re. downloading and installing codecs.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:28 27 Dec 2003

k_g2000 - any sound yet?

  k_g2000 11:38 28 Dec 2003

Thanks for the input and intrest Diodorus Siculus, followed the link you put forward it was quite helpfull. I was unable to play a game without indeo codec drivers so I downloaded and installed the latest drivers, still no sound. I think it was a problem with the board so I instaled a sound card connected the digital SP/DIF cable to the card and bingo. This bliss didn't last for long when watching a dvd the sound is fine then dies after about 3.5 mins every time. Any ideas? I'm going to replace the dvd drive, update media player, maybe reinstall drivers. I haven't got access to the pc at present thou, so any suggestions would be greatly accepted.
Thanks again.

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