DVD Software Decoder

  Big Ben 09:31 20 Aug 2003

I have a DVD drive in my laptop and would like a free software decoder on it to allow me to watch films. Any suggestions?

  sil_ver 09:51 20 Aug 2003

Have a look at this lot click here

  Big Ben 10:18 20 Aug 2003

I should rephrase that, I can go on google and look, but I wan't to know a recommended one?

  The Sack 10:49 20 Aug 2003

There isnt a good free DVD player as the MPEG 2 codec is not free.

  Big Ben 10:54 20 Aug 2003

trip to kazzaa me thinks

  Big Ben 12:01 20 Aug 2003

why should i have to pay for something i've ready paid to watch?

  crx1600 12:14 20 Aug 2003

you'd have to buy a DVD player if you didn't have a PC? or would you steal one from 'dixons'.

you're DVD-ROM needs a decoder, how you get it is up to you,

click here is often mentioned as a freebie, but i haven't tried it.

  crx1600 12:25 20 Aug 2003

looking at that 'maximus' link, it doesn't include the decoder, its just another 'player', sorry about that.

  March Hare 13:03 20 Aug 2003

Normally, if you buy a computer with a DVD-ROM included, it comes with a DVD decoder pre-installed, or at least with a decoder on a CD so you can install it yourself. If it's a fairly new computer, I would go back to where you bought it from and ask for a decoder.

I had to do exactly that last week. My new PC wouldn't play DVDs - error message said there was no decoder installed. I went back to the (local) shop who built it for me, and they had missed installing the DVD decoder. They gave me a CD - all OK now.

  Big Ben 15:33 20 Aug 2003

For point of reference - i have over 60 dvd films which i have paid to watch - and normailly i watch them on my dvd player in the lounge. My point was why should i have to pay for basic software to view them. I'm sure a decoder isn't brain surgery so it's not me being difficult. The laptop was given to me and I've basically fixed the errors it had with it apart from being able to view DVD's - which i have got round by using a shareware DVDDirect program which only last for 30 days. But after the time period i'm not sure what will happen, but we'll wait and see. I can't be the only one with this problem and there normally is a way of sorting out problems like this.

Thanks lads?

  Ben Avery 15:38 20 Aug 2003

"trip to kazzaa me thinks"

Think that by putting things like this on here you are likely to lose any help that would have been given freely before.

Bear in mind that as soon as you upset people by mentioning the "K" word, you will lose any chance of help.

Worth noting for the future eh?


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