DVD slide show, poor picture quality on tv

  Frank-193284 18:24 09 Jul 2007

I have recently started to use Nero Photoshow Deluxe, and the results are excelent on my PC, but when I try to show the DVD on my television the picture quality is very bad!
My DVD player is the Packard Bell EHR2080, and normal DVD's work well, and thoughts on what could be wrong??

  umbongo(uk) 19:44 09 Jul 2007

i dont know what tv your using

most of the time this is the format and resolution you have used when saving the photos

try showing photos saved at 800x600 then try a higher res youll see the diffrence
some googling will help you find out what works best
as there are quite a few photo forums

also depending on your tv set this could a factor also tv viewing size the larger the screen the more distortion may be seen if photo,s are saved at a small resolution size /computer output is greater because of refresh rate,s and above etc
also you have more control over the colour balance and alike on a computer

just a few things there may be more but googling will help you more than i can as the question may be answered on a dedicated forum

  jack 19:50 09 Jul 2007

This is a very vexing problem
Just to be aware that of all the stops in the chain of getting images to a screen
A TV set has the lowest resolution of all .
Stick to 800x600 images and I thing you will be OK

  holme 14:43 11 Jul 2007

Sorry for the delay in replying (difficulties logging on). This is indeed a vexing problam, caused by the particular display chip commonly used in DVD players of different models, makes, etc. In effect, the greater the still image resolution, the worse it will appear on TV! 1MP will look reasonably OK, 3MP noticeably worse and 6+MP will look simply dreadful...

The advice to limit to using relatively 'low res' images such as 800x600 pixels is perfectly sound. But if you wish to optimise the display, and maybe use much higher-res images (say from a multi-megapixel digital camera), you first need to rescale the images down so that they all *exactly* match the height of the TV screen, which is specifically 576 pixels. This avoids the need for *any* rescaling within the DVD player and will greatly improve the display, on both LCD and CRT TVs.

The way to do it is to copy all the source images into a new folder and then scale them down - as a batch operation - to match DVD standards. For landscape-format images, this is 720x576 pixels. NOTE that this is a slightly 'squished' view, compared with a standard 4:3 aspect ratio TV, but that's automatically allowed for by the DVD player's display circuitry.

If you don't already have a prog to batch re-size a folder of images, I recommend FastStone Photo Resizer. Briefly, click on Batch Convert, add the source images to the Input List, click on Advanced Options, select the Resize tab, tick the Use Resize/Resample box, type 720 and 576 pixels into the New Width and New Height boxes, make sure Preserve Aspect Ratio is UNticked and click on OK.

This will process all the source images, as a batch, scaling them down to a common 720x576 pixels (regardless of their original sizes). If you now burn these onto a DVD as a slideshow, it should look very much better on a TV display.

DO make sure you keep full-size copies of the original images! HTH.

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