DVD Shrinking??

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 12:43 17 Mar 2005


Does anybody know how to shrink a 6.22gb dvd on to 4.7gb as I have heard it can be done?

Thanks for response

  huzzar 12:53 17 Mar 2005

A free program named DVD Shrink.

is this programme actually free if so where is the download page?

  huzzar 13:15 17 Mar 2005

Yes, as I said it is free.

Type DVD Shrink into Google, or

click here

  pj123 13:22 17 Mar 2005

The actual site is click here

Thanks to all of you what a brilliant bit of software!! Fully recommend you to all to PC Advisor. Cheers!!!!

  MidgetMan 18:57 17 Mar 2005

Little known fact, dvd shrink was written by the same guy who wrote nero recode, only differance being that dvd shrink takes out the encryption and recode does not. But in essence the same program

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