DVD Shrink And Pinnacle Studio Version 943

  David4637 14:55 24 Jan 2006

1. I have a 2hrs 28 min DVD (non commercial video) which I made a full back up via DVD Shrink and a 4.7GB DVD-R, it quoted the Quality at 68%, and plays in a standalone DVD Player as well as the original.

2. I then ripped the same DVD into Studio (it converts *.VOBs into one mpg file) to edit it in a minor way only. I then selected “Make a DVD” in Studio and the best option I could select was a Quality of 40% to go onto a 4.7GB DVD-R.

3. It takes such along time to render a 2hr plus video, I thought I would ask your advice as follows.

4. Would you think that Shrinks 68% Quality compares to Studio’s 40%, or am I missing something in the different compression codecs that each Program uses?

Thank you in advance for any help on this puzzling issue. David

  Biotech 15:40 24 Jan 2006

If the shrink one is ok why do you want to make another one. I think the 68% in shrink is the amount of compression it is performing rather than the quality. You can use a dual layer disk in shrink if you have a suitable burner and there will be no compression at all.

  dan12 17:16 24 Jan 2006

Am assuming its a non comercial dvd!
As biotech suggested use d/layer and no compression. click here

  dan12 17:19 24 Jan 2006

just read your first post didn,t see non/c/dvd .

  David4637 15:49 25 Jan 2006

1. I used Pinnacle Studio because I wanted to edit the DVD. I wanted someone to tell me that a 40% Quality in Studio would give me an acceptable playable quality - what do you think?

2. DVD Shrink (68% quality)does give an acceptable output, although its a straight copy (not editable) to a DVD-R. The 68% is quality not a figure of compression.

3. I really want to know the difference in the output quality, becuase both progs are trying to do a similar thing?

Thanks David

  woodchip 15:59 25 Jan 2006

The Video will deteriorate by putting it through Studio twice. And that's why it is taking so long to do as it is already compressed and is giving it more work to do

  David4637 14:45 26 Jan 2006

woodchip -

1. Surely Shrink is decoding the VOB for "editting" then coding it back to VOBs for DVD Playing?

2.Is the Studio process a "heavier" coding process hence the quality suffers which Shrink does not appear too?

3. Any other experts with advice - gratefully received. Thanks David

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