DVD Shrink

  rickf 10:09 24 Feb 2012

Do you us e the above? If so have you managed to get it to work in Vista? I have used it on XP flawlessly but not Vista or Wins7. Have googled but no real helpful info to get it working. Have tried XP mode in Wins 7 but not working.

  johndrew 10:38 24 Feb 2012

Which version are you using?

DVD Shrink is at V3.2.0.15 which, according to the description here is good for up to W7, but the official web site doesn't indicate this. How to confirm is difficult as the DVD Shrink forum is down at the moment.

  Ian in Northampton 15:09 24 Feb 2012

I have Version 3.0 running on W7.

  pompyx 15:11 24 Feb 2012

I have DVD shrink installed on Win 7, and it worked OK

  rickf 15:22 24 Feb 2012

Thanks all for quick response. Have uninstalled and reinstalled 3.2.15 the latest version. How do you burn the file in Wins 7. Previously in XP it burns automatically once it's finished encoding by my DVD rewriter. It seems I now have to select the specific file to burn from the target. Which one to burn. thanks

  pompyx 16:06 24 Feb 2012

As far as I remember there are two files, one is an ISO file the other a much smaller MDL file, you want the ISO file.

  eedcam 18:50 24 Feb 2012

Shrink by default is usually set to burn with Nero or DVD Decrypt. If you dont have either Imgburn is free and better.Either would automatically burn after the encoding is finished providing you choose create and burn inthe bckup dropdown choices and not just create a either an Iso Image or Hard disc folderPompya x I thinkyou are confusing shrink with Imgburn as shrink does not produce the mds file. Imgburn does if you allow itbut no need to to

  eedcam 18:53 24 Feb 2012

OH and Iso image is best

  rickf 09:58 26 Feb 2012

Hi eedcam, I have the backup tab but no drop down menu to choose from. When clicked on back up tab it starts to encode, Can you shed some light on this. Could it be because the connections to my hardware are SATA? Previously when using XP in my old comp, the connections were IDE and it would start to write automaticallyn with Nero. I have Nero 11 at the moment.

  rickf 13:32 26 Feb 2012


  eedcam 18:41 26 Feb 2012

Hi Rick ok check under Edit>Preferences > FileI/O that you do NOT have the burn with Nero box ticked unless you wish it to do so

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