Les 21:21 04 Jan 2005

I am using Pinnacle Instant Disc program and, I believe that I have made a coaster of one +RW DVD - how, I'm quite sure but it appears to have been used as +R DVD - there's 3mb data on it and it's locked - I assume that, except for the data on it that this is all I;m gonna get with this disk! I'd appreciate advice on these disks.

Do they have to be formatted, if so, how do you do this with Pinnacle, if indeed you can.

Your help would be greatly appreciated for, as fellow users know this can be a costly business!

  rickf 09:26 05 Jan 2005

Erase the disc with either Nero or another software and start again. I am not aware that you have to format using Pinnacle although I use Magix Movie Edit Pro and there is no need to reformat before writing. This thread will bump you to the top and others might contribute.

  Les 11:21 05 Jan 2005

Thanks for the repky. It won't allow you to erase as it is, it says, locked. The disk itself not the files,

It looks as it I will have to get Nero -but I fear the disk has had it - such is life1

  Les 11:22 05 Jan 2005

someone knows different 8-))

  ACOLYTE 11:51 05 Jan 2005

Have you a program instantwrite/instantformat with pinicle this should format dvd's.

  chugby 19:16 05 Jan 2005

try erasing with dvdinfopro (freeware) usually
found quite good click here

also this link provides somemore advise, though
not sure on the one about leaving the disk out
in the sunlight!!
click here

  Les 20:51 05 Jan 2005

Acolyte: I did have and now, because you have mentioned it, I do remember that I originally ised that to format the disk - age, I'm afraid, jas taken it's toll on my memory!

Chugby: Useful lioks - I have downloaded and will have a look see.

Meanwhile both, having read the reviews of both Nero and Creative I've bit the bullett and forked out for Creative 7. As I have just installed that but not actually used it as yet I cannot say how if that is better than Pinnacle or not.

Thanks to both for your replies.

  Les 22:23 05 Jan 2005

I'm glad to say that I have recovered to 'dead' DVD +RW by use of the Creator Format function.

Thanks to Rickfi, Acolyte and Chugby for their replies and help. I can endorse Chugby's link - very useful.

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