DVD RW Very Slow Reading

  Mark5001 15:10 07 Dec 2008

My old DVD-RW drive gave up the ghost a couple of days ago. I bought a new drive and fitted it. This drive made the computer very slow while reading. Took it back and got a different model.This drive will only read at 3 or so speed. If I put my old drive back in it reads at a very fast rate. I have uninstalled and re-installed the drive and IDE channels within windows.Changed the IDE cable twice. The BIOS reports all is well, so this has me really stumped for an answer. DMA is on and not PIO mode.Any help will be appreciated before I lose all my hair.

  DieSse 15:46 07 Dec 2008

"This drive will only read at 3 or so speed"

Will only read what at 3 times speed?

If they're written on another drive - perhaps there was a problem on that drive producing out-of-specification discs?

  lofty29 16:17 07 Dec 2008

Are you sure that it is being permenantly changed to DMA, I read somewhere that although you change it it can change itself back again, I had this and did a download that cured it, afriad I cannot remember where from.

  Mark5001 17:35 07 Dec 2008

It just seems strange that two brand new drives are very slow, but my old one is fast. Every time I check drive properties it is Ultra DMA 5, and does not seem to change.

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