DVD r/w shuts down pc

  kpr 15:30 29 Dec 2004

I am trying to install a dvd rewriter.
I have disconnected cd rewriter and used the same cables/jumper position to connect a new NEC3500 dvd rewriter however when my pc boots up it says found new hardware(nec 3500) then reboots.
Am I doing something wrong - this should be simple????

  buscrew 17:09 29 Dec 2004

If it were me I would double check all cables and connectors, if you have a master and slave setup a cable or ribbon may have been dislodged from the other drive during installation. Also try setting both drives to cable select if thats an option

  kpr 18:37 29 Dec 2004

I have retried several times with the same outcome. It reverts back to my cd rewriter with no problems when I change the cables back.
The cd rewriter was slave so I used this for new dvd rewriter. Could it be a compatability issue. I had a similar problem when installing a firewire card and overcame this by altering an alarm setting in BIOS (through info found here). Will I have to enter BIOS again?

  alnwrd 18:50 29 Dec 2004

Try entering bios and load fail safe settings. Depending on the age of your pc, you may need a bios update(if available). If you go down this route, explore the bios update procedure carefully because you can end up with a non working computer.

  madPentium 19:42 29 Dec 2004

Have you tried disconnecting your old drive and going into xp with nothing connected?
Then shutting down, connecting the new one and
going back into windows?
maybe it just cant swap the drivers when loading windows?

  kpr 21:13 29 Dec 2004

Ok, I have been into my Motherboard website (didn't know it existed) and it seems they are up to version 5 whereas according to my pc I am still on the basic version 1.
1/. Is it safe to update
2/. Should I update 2 then 3 then 4 etc... or go straight to 5

Hoping this helps my install problem.

  alnwrd 19:00 30 Dec 2004

Bios update should be done to the latest available for your motherboard. Ensure that you pick the correct bios for your motherboard. You can download a free prog called belarc advisor which will identify all your computer components. Bios upgrades are well worthwhile especially as you seem to be running a very old version. This could solve your problem BUT bios upgrades can go wrong and if so, you will not be able to restart your computer. Make sure you understand the correct procedure before you start. Good Luck

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