DVD RW replacement

  Splodge 12:25 09 Sep 2009

My DVD-RW drive has ceased working. I thought of replacing it but on inspection it seems I would almost have to dismantle the Sony to install it.

I now think I will go for an external USB re-writer and perhaps opt for lightscribe.

My question is, will I still be able to use my stock of unused DVD and CD disks or will I be obliged to buy all new disks?

My search has led me to the HP Lightscribe and it has had decent reviews so .... any opposing views would be welcome!

Thank you.

  Taff™ 13:02 09 Sep 2009

Is this a laptop? If so removing the drive is probably very easy, usually one screw. Give us the make and model.

When you say it has ceased working what do you mean?

  Splodge 13:55 09 Sep 2009

No, it is a Vaio tower.

About 7 or 8 years old now. But I have made full use of the DVD-RW, I have about 250 films on disk from my WinTV and Hauppauge TV cards. Obviously a lot of other use too, for example most of the last World Cup games and lots of other backups.

It has just got tired and given up the ghost.

My question still is, will I still be able to use my stock of unused DVD and CD disks or will I be obliged to buy all new disks?

  Technotiger 14:04 09 Sep 2009

You will most likely be able to use your present stock of discs.

Though occasionally some drives are a bit 'choosy' about which discs they 'like' ...

  lofty29 14:08 09 Sep 2009

Replacing a dvd drive in a desktop is very simple, take off the panel, disconnect the cables,take outthe holding screws, slide out the old drive, then reverse the proceedure for the new drive, about 10 mins; your disks should work with any decent drive I have two lg's have also had lite-on.click here

  Technotiger 14:09 09 Sep 2009

BTW - if your graphics card is Nvidia, you might be best avoiding Lightscribe. For some reason the two don't seem to get along, though they might for a short while.

I had Lightscribe, and my graphics are Nvidia, my Lightscribe drive refused to work after some months, for no apparent reason, Googling the problem taught me about the Nvidia graphics and Lightscribe oddity.

I won't be using Lightscribe again, at least not with my present setup.

  Stuartli 14:29 09 Sep 2009

The latest LG/Samsung DVD rewriters are just out (joint partnership) and Scan sells the Samsung at £15.50 and the LG version at £16 plus. See:

click here


click here

As my Sony GA170 (the first Sony made under its short lived NEC partnership) suddenly decided it no longer wish to burn DVDs (everything else was fine), I bought the LG GH22 the other day from a local shop.

It cost £21 but once the delivery charge has been added to ordering from Scan (unless you require other items) it worked out cheaper; I had it installed and in use within an hour of spotting it advertised.

There is a Lightscribe version of the drive, but the disks are expensive and in any case I can print to CDs/DVDs using my Epson R300.

  Splodge 14:32 09 Sep 2009

Technotiger; I have A Radeon 9200 if that is OK?

Lofty; I did remove the cables and the 2 retaining screws but it would not shift. Because of its age I was reluctant to use any more force or dismantle it further.

But thank you all, I have an external drive so parking an external DVD drive next to it won't be a problem!

And I am sure the old disks will either work or will get junked... their problem! lol

  GaT7 14:55 09 Sep 2009

If you're not eligible for free delivery with Scan, I'd recommend Play with free delivery by default click here. G

  Splodge 15:05 09 Sep 2009

Thanks all;

I have ordered the item below from Amazon plus some + and - disks.

"HP DVD940e DVD±RW External USB2.0 Lightscribe DVD Writer Kit, Black" which includes Nero 7!

Watch this space....

  lofty29 17:24 09 Sep 2009

Just as a matter of interest there are normally four retaining screws.

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